Married First Cousins Could Be Jailed After Their “Supercharged” Sex Life Has Led To A Pregnancy

A pair of first cousins have gone and done the ultimate taboo by getting married and are now facing jail as they’ve announced their pregnancy. 

Micheal Lee and Angela Peang, who are both 38, say they are ecstatic about the upcoming birth of their firstborn son Eric, who is due May 22.

The husband and wife, who live in Eagle Mountian, Utah, are not allowed to celebrate their soon to be baby, as they could be locked up for five years and fined $10,000 for incest. This is if prosecutors can prove that they have broken a law which bans cousins from having sex in their home state.

Lee and Peang say they have undergone all the necessary procedures to ensure that their baby is completely healthy and are positive that the baby will have absolutely no birth defects – as children who are born to close blood relatives are at higher risk of abnormalities.

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Peang informed the New York Post: “We have to do our due diligence because everybody was saying to us ‘No, don’t do that’ and “It’s so risky and irresponsible’.

“So we did genetic testing and found out it was OK for us to parent together.”

Last year, the couple travelled to Grand Junction, Colorado, to get married and officially become husband and wife.

Approximately half of all 50 US states – including Colorado – allow first cousins to marry.

Explaining their reason for getting hitched, Peang, who already has three kids from a previous marriage said: “We got married, not because we’re religious, but to protect ourselves legally.

“We also wanted to legitimise our relationship to console members of our family, hoping it would put them at ease.”

The couple first met in 1989, when they were seven-years-old and car salesmen Lee says there was an “instant connection”.

The cousins enjoyed an innocent peck and cuddle as kids, with Peang saying that this initial embrace felt just right.

However, relatives began to sense this connection and discouraged the pair from having crushes on one another, but Peang felt that they had a “soul connection” which couldn’t be ignored.

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Despite this spark, the two went off in different directions and married other people. It wasn’t until October 2018 that the couple reconnected over Facebook and started chatting that they realised they lived in the same state.

Later that year, their grandma held a Christmas party that they both decided to attend, and this is when they let the romantic spark blossom once again.

The two decided they wanted to declare their love for one another to the world, so shared a video of them sharing a French kiss on Facebook. Surprisingly, most of their immediate family was quite supportive.

The couple has now started a petition to make marriage between first cousins legal in Utah, and are set to be featured on the reality show Extreme Love, which will be aired on WeTV.

Peang says that there is an intensity to their relationship like nothing she’s ever felt before, commenting: “We have a strong attraction and it’s very mutually satisfying.

“You have the erotic side, the friendship side, the family side and the spiritual connection.

“It’s a supercharged relationship.”

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.