Married Mormon Man Comes Out As Gay And Wife Supports Him

A married Mormon man has come out as gay but claimed marriage to his wife is still thriving, according to reports.
Credit: Jordan Renae Applegate via Facebook

A married Mormon man has come out as gay. 

Nicholas Applegate, 23, tied the knot to Jordan in November of last year but just months later, he admitted he was attracted to men.

On Facebook, he opened up about the situation and claimed he will remain ‘standing in the Church’ and stand by his wife’s side.

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As reported by Pink News, he wrote: “I have known from a young age that I was attracted to men. It was an emotional roller-coaster, something I mentioned to almost no one before I became an adult, and which still was told to very few individuals after.

“It made me feel different, gross, and mostly embarrassed, and it was hard for me to talk about. It took years for me to process this and accept myself for who I was. However, unlike many that I have heard about in my situation, I had little doubt about my future standing in the Church.”

He continued: “I am not denying my true self by living the tenets of the Church.

“I would be denying my true self by not living the gospel and leaving the Church to live a gay lifestyle.”

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When Applegate initially came out, his wife admitted that she had some doubts about how their relationship would work.

“I remember feeling lost trying to find any stories of others in our similar situation,” she said. “We knew, however, that it was right to get married, despite our opposing sexual orientations.”

However, the couple has now claimed to be in a good place and is even expecting their first child.

Overjoyed, Jordan commented: “When we started talking about having children, we both got so excited to think that we would be starting our own little family. With our baby just two months away, we couldn’t be more ecstatic. This is the life we both have prayed for, and it is the one we choose.”

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