Masterchef Contestant Kicked Off Show After Serving Unplucked Bird To Judges

A Masterchef Spain contestant has been kicked off the show after she decided to serve an unplucked partridge to the judges. 

Saray Carillo, who describes herself as a transgendered gypsy, decided to take a stand on the cooking competition show. She felt that that the attitude of other contestants had been mean and she had previously stated she had a fear of handling birds, therefore thought the judges had deliberately chosen the task to cause distress to her.

Although it isn’t unreasonable to expect the contestants to prepare a bird, it’s a skill that does need some practising to perfect and the 27-year-old decided she did not want to get her hands dirty.

As she had previously confided to the judges that she did not like handling birds, she thought it was a deliberate and cruel task set by them. Therefore, she decided to retaliate.

Credit: RTVE

So when Saray was asked to prepare and cook a partridge, she presented the whole unplucked bird to the judges, which she had sarcastically garnished with a couple of cherry tomatoes and bed of spring onions.

The judges were stunned as she placed the bird corpse down on the table and the other contestants’ faces said it all – they were horrified.

Credit: RTVE

As the judges looked at the meal, some of the contestants hid their faces in their hands as they didn’t want to see their reactions.

The first judge stared at the meal and then uttered words, which translate in English as: “This is never seen in Masterchef.”

Saray did not appear upset at leaving the competition, as she shrugged and left her apron behind.

Credit: RTVE

Since her actions have aired on television, she has provoked a bit of a social media storm. Many applauded Saray for standing up for herself, whilst others said that she had shown a lack of class and respect.

However, she’s also received support from an unexpected source. Trade Union CCOO’s RTVE branch has issued a statement which insists that Saray should receive an apology on the next season of the show, as she shouldn’t have had to undergo the task when she had clearly expressed her distaste at handling a bird.

In order to raise the viewing figures, it has been said that she was ‘mistreated’ intentionally.

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