Masterchef’s John Torode Suffers Yet Another Kitchen Disaster As His Blender Explodes

Masterchef’s John Torode has been holding cooking demonstrations during the coronavirus lockdown yet the star seems to find that his kitchen descends into chaos every time he tries to share tips and recipes for others to try out. 

The Masterchef star has not been having luck when it comes to the working in the kitchen and in his latest cooking demonstration, he tried to show everyone one of his recipes whilst based at his London home when his NutriBullet exploded, almost setting his kitchen on fire in the process.

Eventually seeing the funny side, John posted an Instagram snap of the food splattered across his walls, ceilings, clothes and some even managed to land on his dog.

Credit: John Torode

He captioned the post: “Making Mr JOHNs and the nurtri bullet popped open and it did go everywhere.

“This pic doesn’t do it justice but a have a closer look it did go everywhere including the ceiling and all over the kitchen.

“Two hours of cleaning it has taken me. Oh well. It was just the base and not the actual sauce. #lockdown #mrjohns #sauce #cleaning #upthewalls.”

Following this, his wife Lisa Faulkner then captured John’s kitchen nightmare as she shared a photo of him looking amused.

She added: “Johno had a bit of an accident … his Mr Johns sauce all over the floor walls lights ceiling you name it…it’s there !!”

Although a professional chef, this isn’t the first time that John has managed to have a disaster in the kitchen.

Credit: ITV

During his cooking demonstration on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, viewers were stunned to see as a fire started out when he tried to show everyone how to replicate McDonald’s McMuffin from his home via a video call.

When John was showing the duo how to toast muffins, he failed to notice that a tea towel had been left on the hob which was behind him, and it set on fire.

Frantic to warn John, Phillip’s warning went unheard as the video delay meant he didn’t hear him. This meant that the flames only grew bigger and by the time John noticed and threw the burning towel into the sink, the fire alarm had begun ringing.

Credit: ITV

As the cooking segment turned into an absolute carnage, the presenters could only laugh hysterically.

To calm down after the fire, Holly told John he should probably lie down in a “dark room” to recover from the shock.

Fans were also bemused by the scene and one commented: “Absolute carnage on #ThisMorning absolutely love this programme.”

Whilst another added: “John Torro setting his kitchen on fire on This Morning is genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages.”

In other news, a Masterchef contestant has been kicked off the show after serving an unplucked bird to judges.

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