Children’s Maths Question Asking The Closest Time To Midnight Has People Baffled

Maths Question From Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter/@yawdmontweet

A children’s maths question has surfaced online and has really stumped those trying to crack it.

Let’s take a moment to look back and reflect on those instances when we had to face dreaded exams and tests back during our school days.

During those stressful moments, you could sense a tremendous knot forming in the pit of your stomach, your palms growing sweaty, and your knees trembling as you desperately tried to recall every bit of knowledge and strategise ways to conjure up solutions seemingly out of thin air.

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While you may have left those thoughts and anxieties in the past, someone has brought back all the trauma and resurrected the fears of school kids once more.

Taking to social media, a Twitter user shared a snapshot of a question that had apparently been put together for pupils.

The question read: “What is the closest time to midnight?”

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The answers available were: “A. 11:55am B. 12:06am C. 11:50am and D. 12:03am.”

Posting an image of the question, the account admitted they had a tough time answering it, writing: “Jah know start diss a hurt mi head.”

Many followers were quick to dissect the question in the replies to the tweet with their assumptions and ways of working.

Maths Question From Twitter
This children’s maths question has surfaced online and has really stumped those trying to crack it. Credit: @yawdmontweet/Twitter

One user tweeted: “The answer is clearly C because we can’t go back in time.”

Another user added: “Chat GPT says D as well,” after they took to the artificial intelligence website to crack the code.

A third commented: “Here my argument if D is the ‘closest to’ right?? What is the closest after midnight?? Because it can’t be both… So the answer is A.”

Nevertheless, some aggravated commenters dismissed those who argued in favour of option A, asserting that the question inquired about the time ‘closest’ to midnight for children, irrespective of whether it fell before or after that hour.

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According to their interpretation, the correct answer would be D. 12:03am.

Someone fumed: “Y’all are getting me f***ing mad now.

‘If you call an airline and ask for the closest flight to midnight possible and they put you on an 11:55am flight instead of a few minutes past midnight, you would be frigging furious.

“Maths is supposed to be practical.”

Another user agreed: “How y’all saying ‘to’ not ‘after’. If you have to work at midnight and you’re running late, and you tell the boss ‘I’ll get there as close to the time as possible’ which of these is that?”

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