Matthew Perry’s Ex Calls For His Doctors To Be Investigated After Cause Of Death Confirmed

Credit: Alamy & InTouch via YouTube
Credit: Alamy & InTouch via YouTube

Matthew Perry’s ex is calling for his doctors to be investigated after the star’s cause of death has been confirmed. 

Perry, who was best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hit sitcom Friends, was found dead aged 54 in his jacuzzi on October 28.

The news left many fans shocked and had the internet feeling deeply emotional.

Perry’s cause of death has since been confirmed but there’s now been another twist in the shocking story.

The actor’s ex-partner, Kayti Edwards, is now calling for Perry’s doctors to be investigated following the news of his confirmed autopsy updates.

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When news hit that Perry had been found dead in his jacuzzi, fans and friends of the star alike were absolutely heartbroken.

Many began to speculate on his cause of death, particularly with the knowledge that Perry had been candid about his drug abuse throughout his life.

His cause of death was initially reported by TMZ to be cardiac arrest.

However, on Friday, a report obtained by People magazine confirmed that Perry died due to acute effects of ketamine, with drowning, coronary artery disease and buprenorphine effects also listed as contributing factors.

His death was ruled as an accident.

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry’s ex says she ‘wasn’t surprised’ by the actor’s cause of death. Credit: @mattyperry4/Instagram

Following the report, Perry’s ex-partner Edwards has spoken out about the updates.

She’s even called for Perry’s doctors to be looked into after the news of his drug use left his fans confused and concerned.

Perry reportedly underwent ketamine therapy to treat his anxiety and depression a week and a half before his passing – however, the drugs found in his system at the time of his death could not have been from his most recent therapy session, according to the report.

This has led Edwards to speculate that he had acquired more of the drugs from a medical professional, as she claims he would not have bought drugs from a street dealer.

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The mum-of-four told The Sun US that she believes: “I’m pretty sure that in Matthew’s brain ketamine infusions at a doctor’s would count as still being sober.

“In his brain, it’s not the same as going on the street to buy crack or heroin. That probably was the stepping stone for him to go back to doing drugs.

“I think the doctors who had been working with Matthew should be investigated.

“I’m pretty sure he would have had an in with a doctor. It’s very hard to get ketamine on the street but it is very easy for a doctor or a nurse to get.”

Kayti Edwards
Kayti Edwards believes Matthew Perry’s doctors should be investigated. Credit: InTouch via YouTube

Edwards also told the outlet she ‘wasn’t surprised’ by the star’s cause of death.

She claimed that the Fools Rush In actor ‘didn’t seem right during the last couple of weeks of his life’ and that if he was hanging around sober people who didn’t hang out with him ‘when he was getting high’, they wouldn’t be aware of the signs.

Perry and Edwards dated back in 2006 and she worked as his assistant and remained friends with him during the height of his drug addiction in 2011.

The last time the horse sanctuary owner spoke to Perry was last year, following the publication of his memoir ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing’.

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