McDonald’s Leaves Customers Confused After Launching Coriander Sundae

McDonald's, which recently 'pulled a popular item from its menu,' has left customers confused after launching a coriander sundae in China. 
Credit: McDonald's China & Pexels

McDonald’s, which recently ‘pulled a popular item from its menu,’ has left customers confused after launching a coriander sundae in China. 

The fast-food chain has reportedly dropped a limited-edition McFlurry, dubbed the Cilantro Sundae, which is supposedly made up of ice cream and coriander, along with a drizzle of bright green lemon.

According to United Daily News, the unusual dessert will be available for customers to try from February 21-25.

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Following the announcement, Twitter user Daniel Ahmad took to social media and shared a snap of the ‘interesting’ new item.

He captioned the post: “McDonald’s China launched a Cilantro Sundae special menu item today, which is interesting…”

After seeing his tweet, thousands have taken to the comments and shared their thoughts on the dessert.

One tweeted: “This is a crime against humanity.”

Joking, a second said: “Hands up who would try a coriander ice cream sundae at Macca’s? I’d give it a go, but am nervous about the fact it looks radioactive. Would I live to tell the tale? I am not convinced, judging purely by the colour of it.”

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Defending the launch, one Twitter user penned: “Cilantro ice cream is really f***ing good. Anyone who hasn’t tried it should – spicy + sweet/creamy does amazing things to your tastebuds.

“The only thing I object to is that McDonald’s will probably do a crappy version of a good thing.”

In agreement, a second commented: “I bought one, [it’s] pretty good. But it is more like lime and mint but not Cilantro.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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