McDonald’s Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About The Mini Potato Waffles

McDonald's fans are all saying that the new mini potato waffles are better than its hash browns... which is a pretty bold statement!
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McDonald’s fans are all saying the same thing about the restaurant’s mini potato waffles. 

The fast-food chain has dropped five new items on its menu, however, everyone is particularly obsessing over the breakfast snack.

It’s the first time it’s been added to the menu and it can be ordered on its own for £1.39, or as a part of a breakfast meal. They come in portions of three.

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After trying them out, McDonald’s fans are taking to Twitter and insisting that they’re even better than the chain’s hash browns… which is a pretty bold statement to make!

One person tweeted: “I can’t explain why, but the mini potato waffles at McDonald’s are so much nicer than the hash browns.”

“McDonald’s now has mini potato waffles at breakfast. Forgive the heresy, but I think they might top the hash browns,” added another.

A third user commented: “McDonald’s mini potato waffles are way better than the hash browns.”

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On the popular food and drinks news page, NewsFoodUK, people have also been making the comparison.

The page said: “New McDonalds Mini Potato Waffles! These are good, better than their hash browns, IMO! Not as greasy! Now available at @mcdonaldsuk”

In response, one follower wrote: “I loved them. Agree, better than hash browns too.”

Another added: “They’re unreal.”

“Only having them on the breakfast menu is an absolute crime,” someone else remarked.

As well as launching the mini potato waffles, McDonald’s is also launching four other items on the menu.

The BBQ Bacon Stack, which was axed from the menu last year, is making its return. It’s made up of two beef patties, pepper jack cheese, and bacon. A large meal including this will set you back £6.89.

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The McCrispy Burger is also joining the menu. The permanent addition includes a crunchy chicken fillet in a sourdough-style bun, alongside some lettuce and mayonnaise.

From October 26, Nacho Cheese Wedges will be available to order. It can be ordered as a portion of five or a share box.

It will come with wedges covered in melted nacho cheese and jalapeño slices. They will come with the chain’s sour cream and chive dip.

To satisfy those with a sweet tooth, the Twirl McFlurry is also being released. It’s made up of ice cream and chunky pieces of Cadbury’s Twirl, along with some milk chocolate sauce.

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