McDonald’s To ‘Re-Open Restaurants In UK’ In May

Reports have surfaced that McDonald’s will be reopening in mid-May, meaning that in just three weeks time or so, you could be pigging out a Big Mac or two. 

Irish Farmers Journal has reported that McDonald’s is planning on reopening its UK restaurants by mid-May. Of course, it won’t be like it was before. The process is expected to start slowly, with food only available to order through the drive-thru or delivery.

This news has arrived not long after McDonald’s has reopened some of its French fast-food outlets for drive-thru services only.

The Irish Farmers Journal has reported that initially, the plan was to keep the fast-food chain closed until July. The original plan has now changed and the company is looking at bringing the dates forward.

In an attempt to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, McDonald’s decided to close its restaurants on March 23.

To begin with, the plan had been to keep serving people takeaways, McDelivery orders, and keep the drive-thru service open. However, in order to protect the staff, it was decided the restaurants would need to be closed for the foreseeable future.

A statement at the time explained: “This is not a decision we are taking lightly, but one made with the well-being and safety of our employees in mind as well as in the best interests of our customers.

“We will work with local community groups to responsibly distribute food and drink from our restaurants in the coming days.”

In the hours prior to the chain closing, queues skyrocketed as people tried to get their hands on their last McDonald’s meal.

Since closing, a number of rival fast-food chains have reopened their doors for delivery and drive-thru sources, such as KFC and Five Guys.

Despite reopening, strict measures have been put in place, including operating for drive-thru only or just close by to NHS sites.

As nobody knew when McDonald’s would next be open, people have taken to making its classics off its menu – some having more success than others.

For example, one couple took to TikTok to show a step by step on how to make the iconic cheese melt dippers. Using only four items, the couple successfully made some Babybel cheese melt dips to snack on.

Meanwhile, many have been missing McDonald’s breakfast, especially the Sausage and Egg McMuffin which has become a staple on the menu.

Although it might not be quite as good as the real thing, people have been trying to make the best out of lockdown.

Check out this McDonald’s afternoon tea below if you’re missing your favourite fast-food chain.

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