Meat Lovers Can Earn A Whopping £50k If Willing To Turn Vegan For Three Months

A company is willing to pay one lucky meat-eater a whopping £50,000 if they’d be willing to turn vegan for three months. 

Plant-based subscription service Vibrant Vegan is on the hunt for the “UK’s biggest meat-eater” so that they can offer them £50,000 in exchange for going vegan for three whole months.

The meat-eater chosen for the job will need to sign a contract which states that they will not consume any animal products for three months and while doing so, encourage others to try a vegan diet on social media.

The job role, titled ‘Vegan Curious Coordinator’, will involve the person who gets the £50,000 job eating Vibrant Vegan’s meals and then sharing what they think on social media, while also encouraging other meat-eaters to make the switch too.

Once the three month period has ended, Vibrant Vegan will ask if you would like to remain vegan for the rest of 2021. If the person says they would like to, the company will supply them with £100,000 worth of vegan meals that should last a “lifetime” – as long as they continue to share their new vegan lifestyle on social media and make a food diary.


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The idea for the job role came about when a survey was conducted which showed that out of 1,500 people, 34 per cent said they were “vegan-curious”.

Meanwhile, it was identified by Google Trends that searches related to being vegan is now ten times higher than they were in 2017, with searches peaking in Veganuary.

As it can be difficult knowing where you should start when becoming vegan, Vibrant Vegan says that they will be providing the willing applicant with an unlimited amount of meals, with a nutritionist on hand to ensure that they are getting everything they need from their new diet.

In related news, a vegan activist came under fire after she said she wouldn’t donate any of her organs to a meat-eater.

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