Meghan Markle Fans Blast Prince William Over ‘Shameful’ Comment

Meghan Markle fans have blasted Prince William as he reportedly made a 'shameful' comment about her. 
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Meghan Markle fans have blasted Prince William, who has previously been slammed over a ‘racist’ statement about Africa, as he reportedly made a ‘shameful’ comment about her. 

According to Royal author Robert Lacy, the Duke of Cambridge has referred to Prince Harry’s wife as ‘that b****y woman,’ as well as describing her as ‘merciless’.

He reportedly told the Daily Mail: “According to one of my sources, it’s been pointed to him that everyone has a difficult sister-in-law.

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“William’s response was to nod his head in sage acceptance. Then suddenly he broke out angrily. ‘But look at the way that bloody woman treated my staff – merciless!'”

After hearing what the Royal had been accused of saying, Markle’s fans took to social media and slammed the future King.

One fumed: “Prince William, the future King, calling Meghan ‘that b****y woman’ is a shameful reminder of the casual sexism and misogyny that women – particularly black women – face every single day as they seek to get on in the world.”

Another added: “Calling your sister-in-law ‘that b****y woman’ just says everything about Prince William. He’s his father’s son through and through.”

Prince William calling Meghan ‘that b****y woman’ sounds just like his dad in the 90s about Diana,” a third wrote. “If the tabloids think such revelations make us all team Royal, then they’re kidding themselves. It only turns me more in the opposite direction.”

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However, others rushed to his defense, arguing that the alleged comment was down to the supposed mistreatment of his staff, rather than anything personal.

Defending the 39-year-old, one tweeted: “Prince William was aware that Meg had bullied staff. Is everyone else allowed to get angry but him?

“Prince William is a man of honour and he cares about the working conditions of his staff.”

“I get it, it’s bad optics,” said a second. “But being royalty doesn’t mean you don’t break wind or share feelings with your mates?”

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