Meghan Markle’s Father Says He ‘Argued With Doctor’ Over Duchess’ Birth Certificate

Thomas Markle and Meghan Markle.
Credit: Alamy and ITV via YouTube

Meghan Markle’s father has reportedly said that he ‘argued with a doctor’ over the Duchess’ birth certificate when she was born. 

Thomas Markle appeared on celebrity photographer Karl Larsen’s YouTube channel, Remarkable Friendship, where he opened up about his famous daughter’s birth.

Referring to her claims in regards to there being ‘conversations’ in the Royal Family about her son Archie’s skin colour, he said: “I don’t think it was meant in any racist way. It’s a curiosity.

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“Even before Meghan was born, my friends and Doria’s friends would say ‘I wonder what colour the baby is going to come out’. But there was nothing racist or mean about it, it was just curiosity.”

He continued: “I even had to argue with the doctor, and have him write that she was mixed on the birth certificate because he wanted to mark down ‘Black’.

“I had no problem with black or white, but in my mind, it should have been mixed.”

Markle went on to discuss his daughter’s school years and claimed that when she had to fill in a sheet and tick a race, she would be worried about offending him if she marked ‘Black’.

He said that, in the end, the 40-year-old would draw her own box instead.

According to US Birth Certificates, before 1999, individuals were only allowed to select one box when indicating their heritage on the registration.

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Despite opening up about his daughter’s earlier years, it’s been reported that Markle is ‘siding with the Duchess’ sister, Samantha, in a lawsuit against her’.

On Larsen’s channel, he reportedly said: “I’ve been trying for almost four years to get to see my daughter and her ginger husband in a courtroom face-to-face, I’d be thrilled to come to court and talk and defend my oldest daughter.

“It amazes me that they go on Oprah Winfrey for hours and sit there and expose things that they shouldn’t be exposing to anyone and I think it’s so disrespectful to the Royals.

“I am basically what you’d call on the queen team. And I have great respect for all the Royals.”

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