Men More Likely To Forgive A Cheating Partner Than Women

Men are more likely to forgive a cheating partner than women are, a recent study has revealed. 

A dating website, which is exclusively for married people seeking affairs, asked 3,000 members to take part in the survey to see how open-minded they were to their partners being unfaithful. 

Although 59 percent of men said they would let it be put in the past, only 51 percent of women said they could be so forgiving. 

Woman Shares Way To Check If Your Partner Is Cheating – All You’ll Need Is A Lint Roller

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The blokes who took part in the survey said the main reason they’d forgive their partner is that they wouldn’t want it to impact their children’s lives. 

However, women said the top reason they’d put an affair in the past was because of finances. 

A spokesperson for the survey said: “Often divorces aren’t desirable, but with trends like micro-cheating further blurring the lines of monogamy, it’s potentially easier than ever to fall short of a faithful relationship.

“Many of our members still love their partners very much, and their marriages are otherwise happy.

“So we want to provide them with the tools they need to fulfil all their desires while having enough discretion.”

Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

According to Love and Sex expert Robert Weiss at Psychology Today, there are numerous ways to tell whether or not a person has been led astray.

Most notably is an improved appearance. Perhaps they’ve had a fancy new haircut or started wearing perfume.

Another worrying sign can be a change in schedule. For example, the person could be constantly saying they’re stuck in traffic jams, spending more time at the gym, or are doing overtime at work.

One of the easiest ways to pick up on something dodgy happening will be secrecy when it comes to using the phone or computer. It’s possible they’ve added a password when they never needed one before, or they insist on taking their tablets everywhere, even if they’re just hopping in the shower.

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