Mia Khalifa Claims She Was Pressured Into The Adult Film Industry By Her Ex-Husband

Mia Khalifa claims she was pressured into the adult film industry by her ex-husband.
Credit: Diary of a CEO via YouTube & @miakhalifa/Instagram

Mia Khalifa claims she was pressured into the adult film industry by her ex-husband.

The former adult star, 30, has established herself as one of the biggest performers in the industry over the past decade, despite only performing for three months.

Despite having a short adult entertainment career, she’s managed to amass a huge and loyal following with more than 27.6 million Instagram followers and a staggering 37.3 million TikTok fans.

Since leaving the industry, she has established herself as a successful influencer, author and podcaster.

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However, she has candidly opened up about how she was coerced into the adult film industry.

Appearing on Steven Barlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast, Khalifa – who now prefers to use her birth name, Sarah Joe Chamoun – opened up about an abusive relationship she was previously involved in.

The former adult star said the individual was ‘grooming’ her – but said it was felt something that ‘a lot of girls get into when they’re in their late teens’.

“I got talked into eloping to Las Vegas four days after my 18th birthday,” she recalls.

“I didn’t have a sense of self so I attached myself to someone who was more than happy to abuse that and someone who could see that and see someone easily manipulatable.

“But at the same time [I was] eager to please. It was just the perfect storm.”

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She then claims that it was her partner who pressured her into getting involved with adult filmmaking, adding that he put ‘that whole world in front of me and encouraged it’.

Khalifa was scouted by an industry insider who handed her his card.

When she showed it to her husband – who was in the US Army at the time – she explains that he was very keen on the idea.

But she felt this was down to his ‘fetishisation’.

Khalifa continues: “I even feel weird calling it a relationship, because the dynamic was not one of a relationship – it was more one of someone who saw a toy to play with.”

Since leaving the industry, she has been extremely vocal against the working conditions and has gone as far as begging women not to join it.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa has opened up about her ex-husband who pressured her into the adult film industry. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

In a TikTok post from 2020, Khalifa shared a video of herself looking unenthusiastic and dejected.

The video featured the caption: “That hourly dissociative attack from remembering hundreds of millions of people’s only impression of you is solely based on the lowest, most toxic, most uncharacteristic three months of your life when you were 21.”

She elaborated on this in an Instagram story at the time which explained that her 11 films will ‘haunt’ her for the rest of her life, and she doesn’t want ‘another girl to go through that’.

​​”Long story short: don’t do p***. And if you do, don’t do it with a company. Do it for yourself, on your own terms,” Khalfia said.

“And if you consume p***, make sure it’s ethical and not from giant corporations who profit off exploiting women.

“Like your groceries, shop local and direct from the creators.”

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Khalifa only appeared in 11 films during her stint in the industry.

However, it helped establish her as one of the biggest stars in the world and is still viewed as one of the business’ most recognisable names.

Despite her reputation, she was shockingly only paid $12,000 for her work.

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