Mia Khalifa Tells Fan Tattoo Of Her Face Is ‘Terrible’

Mia Khalifa Tattoo: The former adult film star has told a fan of hers that the tattoo they have of her face on their body is 'terrible'. 
Credit: @tattoo_artist_01/@miakhalifa/Instagram

Mia Khalifa has told a fan of hers that the tattoo they have of her face on their body is ‘terrible’. 

The former adult film star reposted work created by the Delhi-based artist, known as @tattoo_artist_01, who had requested she react to his artistry.

However, he didn’t get the reaction he intended as she simply said: “Please say sike… This is… terrible.”

Watch as Mia Khalifa explains why she joined the adult film industry in the clip below…

To make it clear she wasn’t a fan, she added an emoji.

In the clip the tattoo artist tagged Khalifa in, he showed a shot of the celeb that he used as inspiration. The video then panned to the customer who had requested the inking, as the tattooist showed off the final results.

Despite not getting the reaction he had intended, the tattoo artist seemed grateful for the share regardless, commenting: “Thank you so much @miakhalifa and Insta friends for (4millions) views.”

Speaking of Khalifa, the Lebanese-American recently confirmed that she’s separated from Robert Sandberg, who she married two years ago.

At the time of the announcement, she stated: “We can confidently say we gave it our all in making our marriage work, but after almost a year of therapy and efforts, we are walking away knowing we have a friend for life in each other, and that we truly tried.

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Mia Khalifa tattoo.
Mia Khalifa sent her fan a ‘cheeky’ message when they showed off a tattoo of her face. Credit: @tattoo_artist_01/Instagram

“We will always love and respect each other because we know that not one isolated incident caused our split, but rather, a culmination of unresolvable, fundamental differences that no one can blame the other for.

“We are closing this chapter with no regrets and both starting our own, separately, but connected through incredible family, friends, and love for our dogs.

“This has been long overdue, but we’re glad we took our time and gave it our all, and can walk away saying we tried our absolute hardest.”

Ever since she’s claimed to be ‘exercising’ the block button on infatuated fans.

When a follower asked: “How many DMs do you think @miakhalifa received when she announced she was single?”

She surprisingly responded: “My block button has never been exercised more.

“Zero faith in humanity remains.”

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