Mia Khalifa Slams ‘Manchild’ Leonardo DiCaprio Over Latest Breakup

Mia Khalifa has slammed 'manchild' Leonardo DiCaprio over his latest breakup. 
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Mia Khalifa has slammed ‘manchild’ Leonardo DiCaprio over his latest breakup

The American media personality took to Twitter on August 31 following the Hollywood star’s separation from Camila Morrone after she turned 25 years old.

She tweeted: “Maybe it’s not Leo dumping his girls as soon as they turn 25, maybe his girls outgrow him when their brain fully forms at 25 and they realise they don’t want to be with a 47-year-old manchild.”

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So far, it’s accumulated more than 250 retweets and over 4,500 likes. However, many people have defended DiCaprio after hearing the news.

Backing up the 47-year-old, one user said: “Or maybe he just hasn’t found the right woman… Everyone dates dozens in their lives just with celebrities you see every breakup. Clooney dated a lot until he found his true love.”

“[At] least you don’t see him stunting around on social media or out getting arrested and acting a fool… He’s that of the old school movie stars.”

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A third commented: “Stay in your lane missy.”

However, others agreed with Khalifa and said that DiCaprio needs to ‘stop playing the field’.

One penned: “Queen of the truth tellers.”

A second said: “For real though, imagine still wanting to play the field at almost 50. Couldn’t be me.”

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DiCaprio has made the headlines over recent years for his age gap relationships and dating women under the age of 25.

His most recent ex-girlfriend, Morrone, said in 2019: “There’s so many relationships in Hollywood – and in the history of the world – where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

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