Trump’s Former Security Advisor Claims ‘Covid Vaccine Is Being Added To Salad Dressings’

A former Trump security advisor has claimed that the 'Covid vaccine is being added to salad dressings,' according to reports. 
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Trump’s former security advisor has claimed that the ‘Covid vaccine is being added to salad dressings,’ according to reports. 

Michael Flynn appeared on the conservative podcast The Thrivetime Show and told host Clay Clark that ‘people are seriously thinking about how to impose their will on us’.

He said: “Somebody sent me a thing this morning where they’re talking about putting the vaccine in salad dressing.

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“Have you seen this? I mean, it’s — and I’m thinking to myself, this is the Bizarro World, right? This is definitely the Bizarro World.

“These people are seriously thinking about how to impose their will on us in our society, and it has to stop.”

However, there has been no evidence to support his comments and it’s since been claimed that Flynn may have unintentionally been referencing a different study.

According to the fact-checking website Snopes, mRNA vaccines could potentially be grown in ‘edible plants like lettuce, and that is something that is now being actively researched’.

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Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn has shared a bizarre Covid theory. Credit: The Thrivetime Show

Debunker Mike Rothschild tweeted: “Mike Flynn’s insane rant about ‘putting the Covid vaccine in salad dressing’ is actually about a pilot study looking at growing produce that could contain the material of an mRNA vaccine and not require deep freeze storage.”

He added: “There’s nothing here to be outraged about, but there is an opportunity to learn about some cool science that might make vaccine delivery easier and cheaper for the developing world.”

Recently, Donald Trump himself said that it’s ‘obvious’ that coronavirus came from a Chinese lab.

In the What Really Happened in Wuhan documentary by Sky News, he revealed his suspicions about the virus’ origin.

He said: “Some of the intelligence is classified, but common sense tells you it most likely – and when I say most likely, like 95 per cent – came from the Wuhan lab.

“I don’t know if they had bad thoughts or whether it was gross incompetence, but one way or the other, it came out of Wuhan, and it came from the Wuhan lab.

“I heard that a long time ago and if they did in fact have body bags, that was one little indication, wasn’t it?”

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