Michael McIntyre Warned Of ‘Problem’ By ‘The Wheel’ Expert

Michael McIntyre has been warned of a 'problem' by an expert on The Wheel, which may lead to 'complaints'. 
Credit: BBC via YouTube

Michael McIntyre has been warned of a ‘problem’ by an expert on The Wheel which may lead to ‘complaints’. 

It all started when a woman, called Shan, from Liverpool, appeared on the BBC show in the hopes of winning some money.

McIntyre asked the contestant: “Which of these BBC documentary series began first?”

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Michael McIntyre
Michael McIntyre was warned of a potential ‘problem’ by an expert on The Wheel. Credit: BBC via YouTube

He then gave her the options of Arena, Horizon, Imagine, and Panorama.

At first, Shan was convinced that the correct answer was Panorama, but she was warned not to go for this by celebrity expert Nikki Fox.

The star, who was the show’s ‘documentary expert,’ hinted to the contestant that the correct answer could be Horizon.

So Shan went along with this and chose Fox’s suggestion.

However, this turned out to be wrong and she lost out of thousands of pounds. In the end, the correct answer turned out to be Panorama.

Reflecting on the question, fellow expert Krishnan Guru-Murthy, from Channel 4, said an ‘inquiry’ could be launched.

Revealing why, she said: “I would say stewards inquiry, you’re going to get complaints.”

In response, McIntyre asked: “For what?”

Panorama is not a documentary series, it’s current affairs,” Guru-Murthy explained.

Despite this blip, The Wheel seems to be going from strength to strength after serving Ant and Dec the ‘ultimate blow’ by beating them in the Saturday night primetime rating battle.

It’s been reported that the comedy duo was initially in the lead with their ITV show, Limitless Win, with its first airing having an average audience of 4.4million.

However, the following weekend proved to be very different, accumulating an average of 3.7million viewers, which then dropped again another 200,000.

On this very same weekend, The Wheel garnered an average audience of 3.7million views.

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