Mike Tyson Recalls ‘Moment Tupac Visited Him In Prison’

Mike Tyson Tupac: The boxer has recounted the famous 'rapper's visit to him when he was in prison'.
Credit: Alamy

Mike Tyson has recalled ‘Tupac visiting him in prison’ after being jailed in 1992. 

The former boxing world heavyweight champion, who was convicted on a charge of rape, appeared on REVOLT’S Drink Champs and told NORE and DJ EFN that the rapper was ‘respected’ by his inmates.

He said: “They respected [Tupac], soon as he came in the room, they started applauding.”

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The 55-year-old went on to elaborate about who else visited him when behind bars, adding: “When I was locked up, I had such an onslaught of visitors. I had everybody – BB King, James Brown, Whitney Houston, everybody came.

“Florence Henderson, I can’t even name no more, just so many people came to visit me when I was away.”

Tyson has done numerous interviews recently, and when appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast he said he believes homeless people are being ‘kidnapped and haunted’.

He explained to Rogan that he believes wealthy people ‘are hunting them down on their private estates,’ saying: “Whatever you think a human did to another human being – it happened. Whatever it is, it happened.

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“I guarantee you there’s been someone, somewhere in the world who paid someone to hunt a person.”

The host responded: “I guarantee you that’s happened!”

Tyson went on to explain the theory further, adding: “This is what happens: they take these homeless people off the streets. Put ’em in there, take them to one of those special hospitals.

“[Then], they take them from the hospital, all drugged up, take ’em to these large estates, property – ‘Let’s hunt’ – Run!”

The conversation didn’t end there, as Rogan continued to reference Richard Conell’s short story, ‘The Most Dangerous Game’. It follows a New York hunter who is haunted by Russian oligarchs in the Caribbean.

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