Flight Attendant Shares The Secret To Joining The ‘Mile High Club’

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A flight attendant is going viral after sharing the secret to joining the ‘mile high club’. 

Marika Mikusova, who has worked for a luxury airline for over five years, has given an insight into the job in her book titled ‘Diary of a Flight Attendant’.

As well as discussing the difficulties of working at 38,000ft, she also offers tips – including on how to get frisky on a plane.

The ‘mile high club’ is a slang term used for someone who has s** while thousands of feet in the air.

Watch this Emirates flight attendant give her insight into the job in the clip below…

Although a plane’s toilets might seem like the most claustrophobic place, Mikusova shares that it’s the ‘safest’ place to get it on.

The flight attendant explains: “The lavatories in economy class are by far the ‘safest’ place to join the mile-high club.

“Economy class is so vast that you can barely see the end of it. And it has several lavatories.

“It’s more practical to use a lavatory that has only one door. Not the one in which the door has to ‘fold’ to give you enough room to even step inside.

“Us flight attendants, we like to sit and chat in the galleys. Plus, we dim the cabin lights after each service, so that’s the perfect time for… well, you know. You’re welcome, by the way.”

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While another flight attendant, who goes by the username @cierra_mistt on TikTok, also advises passengers to select their seat ‘either right next to the restroom or in the very back row’.

She explains: “Once we’re up in the air and we complete our service of drinks and snacks, normally flight attendants either hang out in one area with each other in the front, in the back or in the crew restrooms.

“Now, while it’s mandatory for us to do walk-throughs to make sure everything’s going smooth we only have to do them every 20 to 30 minutes. I think you know where I’m going on this one.

Plane toilet
The flight attendant is going viral after sharing the secret to joining the ‘mile high club’. Credit: Alamy

“After that walk-through, you have about 20 to 30 minutes to do your thing and unless a passenger sees you doing it flight attendants are not going to.”

The flight attendant also reveals that 90 per cent of pilots and staff will ‘bat an eyelid’ if they spot anyone getting hot and heavy.

She says although she’s not encouraging people to join the ‘mile high club’, she adds ‘do with that information as you will’.

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In Britain, there’s no such law that says you can’t have s** on a plane.

However, you are at risk of committing other offences.

It is illegal under section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004 to have s** in a toilet which the public has access to.

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