Nearly Half Of Millennials ‘Don’t Care Or Know If God Exists,’ Survey Finds

Nearly half of Millennials ‘don’t care or know if God exists,’ a recent survey has found.
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Nearly half of Millennials ‘don’t care or know if God exists,’ a recent survey has found.

The study, conducted by Arizona Christian University, has revealed that out of 2,000 young adults, 43% said they were unsure of God’s existence or they identified as atheists. 

Discussing the results, ACU’s Director of Research, George Barna, said: “Gen X and the millennials have solidified dramatic changes in the nation’s central beliefs and lifestyles.  

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Nearly half of Millennials ‘don’t care or know if God exists,’ a recent survey by the Arizona Christian University has found. Credit: Pexel

“From a nationwide perspective, the Christian church has done shockingly little to push back. The result is a culture in which core institutions – including churches -and basic ways of life are continually being radically redefined.”

The survey also found that Millennials are less likely to participate in religious activities, seek moral guidance from the Bible, and believe in the existence of Satan. 

Instead, it found that younger generations have developed a greater interest in horoscopes, with 35% of Millennials regularly checking up on their astrological chart. 

Out of those who took part in the survey, only 30% said they believed the universe had been created by God and he was the ‘all-knowing, all powerful, just creator of the universe [who] still rules it today’.

Reflecting on the results, Barna commented: “The Millennial generation in particular, seems committed to living without God, without the Bible, and without Christian churches as foundations in either their personal life or within American society.

“In the sixties and seventies, Baby Boomers opened the floodgates of questioning cultural foundations. Baby Busters, or Gen X, continued that cultural transition, though less emphatically.

“Millennials are emulating the aggressiveness of the Boomers in their determination to reshape culture according to their preferences.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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