Millie Bobby Brown Asks Followers If She Has A ‘Toe Thumb’ And Receives ‘Hilarious’ Responses

Millie Bobby Brown 'Toe Thumb': The Stranger Things star asked her followers whether she has a 'toe thumb'.
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Millie Bobby Brown asked her followers whether she has a ‘toe thumb’ and received ‘hilarious’ responses. 

The Stranger Things star took to Instagram on June 14 and created a ‘Yes or No’ poll for her fans to answer.

Alongside a photo of her hand, she asked them: “Do I have a toe thumb?”

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Although it’s not clear how many people took part in the poll, it was revealed that 75% agreed and that the actress does indeed have a ‘toe thumb’.

So far, Brown has yet to respond to the results.

Later on, however, her fans took to Twitter and shared their thoughts on the question.

One tweeted: “Absolutely hate to see the ‘toe thumb’ thing they used for Megan Fox get revived for Millie Bobby Brown.”

Another added: “All the news against our will about Megan Fox and her boyfriend and I’m wondering about how her toe thumb is gonna make a comeback but then Millie Bobby Brown gets the heat for having one???”

Brown isn’t the only star that happens to possess ‘toe thumbs’.

Millie Bobby Brown's 'toe thumb' photo.
It all started when Millie Bobby Brown shared this photo. Credit: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

Over the years, Megan Fox has gone viral for her’s and has even addressed them in an interview.

When discussing one of her pregnancies, the Transformer star quoted her mum, saying: “She was like, ‘Oh I ate tuna every day when I was pregnant with you’.

They didn’t know in the 80s about that and I was wondering that maybe that’s what happened to my thumbs – why they’re so, like, short.”

She went on to add: “They’re weird and they’re really fat.”

According to Healthline, the shape of Fox’s thumbs is due to a condition called brachydactyly. It’s inherited and is typically caused by short bones.

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