Missing Royal Mail And Hermes Parcels Are Being Sold On eBay

Missing Parcels

Missing Royal Mail and Hermes parcels are being sold on eBay, according to reports. 

The ‘lost’ packages, which include jewellery and electrical items, are being sold in bundles worth up to £140 and online shoppers are concerned their personal information is at risk.

In the listings, the sellers are saying that customer receipts are being removed ‘where possible’. However, others say they haven’t been checked.

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Royal Mail
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According to Hermes, it’s illegal to redact personal information even if it’s being sold to one of these third parties. So it’s then up to these mystery companies to make sure the receipts and any data are removed.

Royal Mail is insisting that these firms are ‘advised’ to remove any private info and any reference linking back to them. But this advice appears to be being ignored as listings continue to show the company logo.

On some photos circulating online, addresses are still visible on the packaging and labels while others are scrawled out in black pen.

In one customer support group, a person has expressed their concern over the matter.

They penned: “It’s really worrying. If these items really are undelivered how do you know people’s details and invoices aren’t in there as well?”

“It’s frightening to see,” another wrote. “The likes of the sellers and Hermes and Royal Mail should make sure those sorts of details are removed from the parcels before they’re handed to any third party.”

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