Major Update In Search For Missing Titanic Submarine

In the search for the missing Titanic submarine, debris has been found.

A major update has just been shared in the search for the missing Titanic submarine

OceanGate’s sub was transporting five passengers to the doomed ship’s wreckage in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when it disappeared around two hours into the journey.

Tragically, it has been estimated that the vessel’s air supply would have run out at 12:08pm UK time (7:08am EST) on Thursday, June 22.

However, the US Coast Guard has now announced a massive development in the search.

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The Coast Guard says that a debris field has been discovered within the search area.

A debris field is a collection of pieces that are produced by the destruction of an object. It can spread over a wide area depending on the force of the incident.

It was found by an ROV near the Titanic on the sea floor, reports the BBC.

A spokesperson for the USCG tweets: “A debris field was discovered within the search area by an ROV near the Titanic. Experts within the unified command are evaluating the information.”

Following the latest finding, experts are reportedly evaluating this information and a press conference is set to take place 8pm UK time (3pm EST).

It is important to note that the seafloor surrounding the Titanic wreck is littered with all sorts of debris, which means it may or may not be something of importance in this search.

The Coast Guard is scheduled to hold a press briefing to discuss findings from the Horizon Arctic’s remotely operated vehicle near the Titanic.

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The press conference will be led by Rear Admiral John Mauger, First Coast Guard District commander, and Captain Jamie Frederick, First Coast Guard District response coordinator.

David Mearns, a rescue expert who knows two of the men on the vessel, tells Sky News: “They don’t use phrases like ‘debris field’ unless there’s no chance of a recovery of the men alive.

“A debris field implies a break-up of the submersible… that really sort of indicates what is the worst-case scenario, which is a catastrophic failure and generally that’s an implosion.

“The only saving grace is that it would have been immediate – literally in milliseconds – and the men wouldn’t have known what was happening.”

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Amid the search for the submersible Dr Rob Larter, a marine geophysicist with the British Antarctic Survey, has stressed the difficulty of locating the vessel.

He explains: “You’re talking about totally dark environments.

“It’s just a needle in a haystack situation unless you’ve got a pretty precise location.”

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