Model Reveals She’s Cheated On Every Boyfriend She’s Ever Had And Doesn’t Feel Guilty

Credit: @kanikabatra/Instagram

A model has revealed that she’s cheated on every boyfriend she’s ever had, and she doesn’t feel guilty about it. 

Miss World Australia finalist Kanika Batra, who is Sydney-based, recently shared a YouTube video about being diagnosed with an antisocial personality disorder. 

Discussing how it’s affected past relationships, the 26-year-old said: “I just didn’t have that sort of regard for that person because it didn’t make me feel bad to see somebody else.

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The model revealed in a YouTube video that she’s cheated on more than one boyfriend in the past. Credit: @kanikabatra/Instagram

“It didn’t make me feel guilty. I didn’t get home and then like, not sleep at night because I had betrayed somebody. It’s easy for us to switch that part off [and] compartmentalise.”

Later in the video, the beauty queen recalled being assessed by ‘a dozen’ psychiatrists, who determined that she also has a ‘narcissistic personality’. 

Typical traits of the disorder include disregard of others feelings, lack of empathy and tendency to manipulate and lie to others. 

However, Batra has also admitted that she finds it difficult to ever experience true happiness. 

She commented: “I feel satisfied with life, I feel that I’m doing adequately well, but I don’t think I experience happiness in the same way a neurotypical would.”

When dating, the Aussie model said the condition would lead to her ‘love bombing’ dates, which meant she would manipulate them through attention. 

“This is just us getting to know you,” Batra explained. “We don’t really know how to control ourselves in that sort of way so all we do is we message you to find out everything about you, and we want to see you all the time – that’s just how we kind of get to feel what this relationship will be.

“I think I can love as much as anybody else regardless of this personality disorder.”

Despite learning more about her disorder, the model – who is now engaged – has admitted that she doesn’t plan on having kids until she can provide for them ‘physically, emotionally and financially’.

So far, Batra’s confessional clip has been viewed nearly 90,000 times and she’s received tons of praise for speaking out. 

“You have no idea how much you’re helping people understand this disorder. We appreciate your authenticity and how real/honest you are about all of this. Not all people with these disorders have as much of a rational, logical mind as you do. Thank you,” one viewer said. 

Another commented: “You’re such an incredible person for speaking about these incredibly stigmatised disorders.”

Inspired by the video, a psychiatrist penned: “As a therapist, you’ve given me a different understanding and perspective about antisocial personality disorder. Thank you for speaking about this topic and sharing your experience and insight!”

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