Model Claims She’s Boob Shamed In Public As She Has Natural KK-Cup Breasts

A Russian model claims that she’s often boob shamed in public as she has natural KK cup breasts and a curvaceous body. 

Anastasia Berthier, from Moscow, Russia, claims that her breasts are 100 per cent natural and since she was ten-years-old, she’s had a curvy body which has meant she’s received stares and comments from strangers whilst out in public.

Instagram: @artdikaya

The model, who is in her twenties, suffered from weight issues when she was younger and when she was around 10 and 11, would be called “fatty” and “little piggy” by her peers.

Hurt by the mean comments, she has admitted that she took it a little extreme when it came to dieting. As not only did she feel the pressure from her peers, but also her family and society. In Russia, she felt that most people meant thin meant beauty.

Instagram: @artdikaya

In the pursuit to keep a slim figure, she took illegal slimming pills so that she could maintain a small size.

However, in 2006, she suffered from a growth spurt. Suddenly, her breast went from an A-B cup to a larger E cup.

Instagram: @artdikaya

Everyone was left astonished by Anastasia’s transformation and she soon found that the attention she received was mainly for the better. Despite many having crushes on her, others became jealous and would act rudely towards her.

The model even claimed that one boy told everyone she knew that he had slept with her, which made her feel extremely anxious.

Instagram: @artdikaya

A decade later and the brunette beauty insisted that her confidence remained low, that was until she was scouted by a pair of photographers.

In 2017, Anastasia began her career in the modelling industry and she mainly focused on boudoir, cosplay and bikini photoshoots. Additionally, she would take on collaboration and sponsorships with fashion brands.

Instagram: @artdikaya

Since modelling, the model feels happier in her own body as although many think slim means beauty, she has come to realise that for many others, her looks are the definition of perfection.

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