Model Dated Footballer Who ‘Wouldn’t Go Public As She Had Fake Boobs’

A glamour model has previously dated a footballer who was adamant that their relationship couldn’t go public, as she had a surgically enhanced appearance. 

Yvonne Bar, who currently has 205,000 Instagram followers, has confirmed she was in a secret romance with a well-known football star. However, he would never allow the relationship to go public as he didn’t want to face the criticism that would come from dating a woman who had undergone plastic surgery.

The Instagram model has apparently spent a fortune on enhancing her appearance to achieve her ‘dream body’ and regularly shares saucy snaps on her OnlyFans account.

Instagram: @yvonne_bar__

It has been reported that Yvonne met the mysterious footballer in January of 2019 and that they immediately hit off, which led to them having a 10-month relationship.

The model has previously said that since having plastic surgery to have a curvy figure, she’s noticed men are ‘intimidated’ by her appearance and she’s found it more difficult than ever to meet men. She says that some men have even commented on her boobs being “too big”.

Before undergoing a breast enlargement, Yvonne had an AA cup but now has an H cup. She used to envy women with voluptuous bodies and would hide her body when at places like the pool or beach.

Instagram: @yvonne_bar__

Although she never went public with the football star, a source close to Yvonne has stated that the pair would meet at least once every two weeks and would message every day. It was agreed that the relationship was exclusive.

As the relationship had to be kept a secret, their face to face meetings would take place in their homes.

Yet the source close to Yvonne has said that the relationship was never made public as the star was worried about what people would think of him for dating someone who had undergone so much plastic surgery.

Instagram: @yvonne_bar__

According to the source, he thought it would be favourable for himself in the public eye if he was to be seen with someone more like the girl next door type. However, he would tell Yvonne he adored her figure and that she was definitely his type – and that was why he had originally slid into her DMs.

Despite the fact the couple were never public, Yvonne was seemingly very keen on the footballer and they got along incredibly well. They had plenty in common and would talk about everything from family to their careers.

Instagram: @yvonne_bar__

However, Yvonne eventually had enough of having a private romance and wanted to share their relationship with the world. She then discovered he was talking to another woman and becoming increasingly quiet, so the relationship was ended.

The model is now focusing on herself and is still single.

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