Model Has Been Slammed For Squatting In Skimpy Swimsuit Beside ‘Religious Ceremony’

A model has been slammed on social media after she was recorded squatting in a skimpy swimsuit beside a ‘religious ceremony’ at a beach based in Bali. 

A video has emerged online in which a model appears to be squatting in a one-piece swimsuit next to a group of locals who appear to be taking part in some type of religious ceremony.

The footage was then shared onto a popular Instagram page and it shows the woman at an unknown beach in Bali, as she exercises and squats close by to the group.

Whilst she performs a series of squats in a pink swimsuit, a friend is filming her on her mobile phone. The pair appear oblivious to the ceremony taking place close by.

The group nearby appear to be Balinese women who are dressed in the traditional clothing and preparing for a Canang sari, which is a daily offering to the spirits.

On the internet, opinions have been divided as to whether or not the woman was showing “bad manners” and being “selfish”, as she didn’t seem to take into consideration the group’s religious rituals by the sea.

The video has since been viewed over 77,000 times on the Instagram account and many have taken to the comments section to express their view.

One person wrote: “I don’t see how this is ignorant it is a public place is not like they are doing it at a temple or church….”

Another agreed, commenting: “Is that spot right there next to the influencer the only spot on the beach they could go to? I mean I have no idea some people’s customs and religions may tell them to only do things in certain spots and if that’s the case then it’s rude of her not to move. But if not a specific location then sorry she doesn’t have to move and who cares if they asked her to move as they could’ve easily chosen a spot away from her as well.”

Whilst others disagreed, with one writing: “Only caring about themselves.”

Another stated: “The amount of disrespect….and f***s not given.”

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