Model Has Spent £50,000 To Achieve The ‘Fake Look’ And Now Earns A Fortune

A model has spent £50,000 to achieve the ‘fake look’ and has now made herself a fortune through selling saucy pictures on OnlyFans. 

Kelly Pearl, a glamour model from Germany, has admitted spending £50,000 on plastic surgery in order to achieve the ‘fake look’ that she admires. She credits her ample cleavage and intricately detailed tattoos to her popularity on subscription site OnlyFans.

The buxom model has even had 1,600cc implants inserted into her breasts so that she has her ideal figure.

Kelly has many intricately detailed tattoos, that vary from floral prints to animals. In total, she believes she’s probably spent around £50,000 on all her procedures as she loves the ‘fake look’.

Despite the fact she could have bought a fancy car or put a deposit on a house with that kind of money, the blonde beauty believes that her money has been well spent and unsurprisingly, has no regrets about any of the work she has had done. If anything, she thinks it’s been a worthy investment.

As well as earning herself a decent sum on OnlyFans, Kelly has managed to accumulate 426,000 Instagram followers despite only having 39 pictures. She treats her followers to lots of seductive images in which it’s evident she has an enviably slim frame.

Kelly thanks her curvaceous body and laidback attitude to having gained so many subscribers on OnlyFans, as she says she mainly receives only positive feedback on her pictures and many gushing comments on her good looks. One of her proudest moments was receiving a message from another girl who said she aspired to be like her and that she should ignored the jealous haters.

Although Kelly must receive lots of male attention, she says that her biggest supporter is her boyfriend and although he was initially a bit unsure about her having cosmetic surgery, he has been wowed by the results.

In other news, an Australian tattoo artist has admitted to spending £52,000 on becoming a living piece of art.

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