Model Is Willing To Spend Thousands On Surgery To Have ‘World’s Biggest Bum’

A model has admitted that she is willing to spend whatever it takes for her to have the ‘world’s biggest bum’ and secure the enviable title. 

Meli Santa, 24, is on a mission to achieve the world’s biggest bum and is willing to spend whatever it takes for her to achieve it.

The plastic surgery fan has already admitted to having had plastic surgery in the past, including a Brazillian butt lift, a nose job, two boob jobs and a lip lift.

Yet despite already receiving plenty of attention for her looks, boasting over 414,000 Instagram followers, Meli has admitted she still doesn’t feel she’s reached her idea of perfection.

Instagram: @theonlymeliii

The Persian beauty told Daily Star Online: “I want the best butt in the world. I’m on a mission to make it much bigger.”

Meli added: “My butt looks quite natural now, but I prefer the over-the-top fake look, so I want butt implants to increase the size even more.

“I will keep having surgery until I get the results I want.”

Although everything has gone her way so far in regards to plastic surgery, the model has admitted that achieving the biggest bum in the world has become a much more difficult obstacle than she initially thought.

She claims that every cosmetic surgeon she has spoken to has outright refused to perform the surgery on her.

She added: “Many people admire my booty and ask me where I got it done.

“They tell me it’s 100 per cent perfect and that I should not change it.

“I visited many cosmetic surgeons and they advised me not to change it.

“And they refuse to do more because it’s already big and round and if I make it larger it will look out of proportion on my body.”

Instagram: @theonlymeliii

Regardless of the compliments and envy from others, Meli is desperate to achieve the booty of her dreams and she is willing to go to whatever lengths it takes – even if it means spending an absolute fortune.

She explained: “I will pay $50,000 (£38,612) to any reputable cosmetic surgeon out there who will make my wish come true.

“I’m ready to travel anywhere in the world for the right surgeon. But I’m prepared to spend whatever it takes to get butt implants.”

Thankfully, the brunette beauty still has plenty of fans around the world, although she doesn’t quite have the world’s biggest bum.

Instagram: @theonlymeliii

To make money, Meli said she uses Snapchat’s Premium service for fans to subscribe to her, this sets them back $200 (£154) each month.

Despite Meli’s plans to increase her booty size, she has admitted that not every fella she has spoken to has been a fan of the idea of making her bum even bigger.

She said: “Some men like big, fake butts and some prefer natural, but I don’t care. I’m 100% doing this for myself.

“Maybe it’s a crazy idea to some that I want a really big bum and will pay thousands to get it, but I really want it and it’s worth it.”

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