Model With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Says She Will ‘Never Listen To Doctors’ Over Filler Warnings

A model, who claims to have the 'world's biggest cheeks,' has said she will 'never listen to doctors' who have continually warned her against having fillers. 
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A model, who claims to have the ‘world’s biggest cheeks,’ has said she will ‘never listen to doctors’ who have continually warned her against having fillers. 

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, who believes her looks get her ‘romantic attention,’ appeared on the This Morning show alongside plastic surgeon Dr Steven Harris and revealed that she has no plans to stop having cosmetic procedures anytime soon.

“I understand this is extraordinary,” the Ukrainian stated. “But it’s normal and good for me and I am happy with my look. I will never listen to doctors.”

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She added: “I am very happy. I am looking from my pictures from two years ago and I think I was ugly.

“Maybe you don’t like how you look now, but you can change it no problem.”

When the daytime show’s presenters pulled up a ‘before’ photo of Pokreshchuk, she pointed out what it was she didn’t like.

She said: “I [didn’t] like my face, I looked like a hamster, I like a slim face. I was a hamster; my cheeks were lower.”

The social media influencer then made it clear that she wasn’t inspired by any celebrities or media personalities to have fillers.

“I’m a psychology graduate,” she argued. “Nobody tells me that [the fillers are too much]. People who talk about my appearance know me well and know that I’m a normal person, not crazy, not stupid.”

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The model said she will ‘never listen to doctors’ and their filler warnings. Credit: @_just__queen_/Instagram

Later on in the segment, Dr Harris reviewed Pokreshchuk’s cosmetic work and said she looks ‘overtreated’.

He explained: “In my opinion, she looks to be overtreated. She clearly doesn’t feel the same, objectively from a professional point of view she does appear to be overtreated.

“It becomes too much when the look becomes exaggerated or outside normal for that individual and there are inherent risks with overfilling, both to the physical and psychological wellbeing of the patient.

“These are things we need to consider and need to be considered and taken into account.

“Our first duty of care is to do no harm if we are distorting features we are not fulfilling that, this is what we need to look at very carefully.”

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