Model Receives Creepy Texts From Bar Worker After Leaving Number On Pub’s Track And Trace App

A model has been left disturbed after receiving inappropriate messages from a bar worker who took her number from the Track and Trace app she used when ordering drinks at a pub. 

Dancer, fire performer and personal trainer Lucy Dixon, who lives in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, has accused a bar worker of breaking the law after she received creepy messages and a selfie from a bar worker of a pub she had ordered drinks at.

The 32-year-old explained how he had found her number after she had ordered drinks through the pub’s Track and Trace app. As evidence, she screenshotted the conversation and shared it onto Facebook, slamming the bar worker for acting inappropriately.

Credit: Lucy Dixon

Under government measures following the coronavirus pandemic, pubs and bars have told they need to ask customers for their contact details so that they can call and request they self-isolate in the even of there being a coronavirus outbreak.

Alongside screenshots of the conversation between Lucy and the bar worker, she wrote: “Track and Trace, and bars having to take down your details in order for you to be there these days.

“And this is exactly what should never happen. A complete breach of GDPR.

“Currently getting to the bottom of how and why this has happened. Surely these are meant to be secure databases no?”

When talking to the bar worker, she said that he told her he was called Tom and he wrote: “Hey gorgeous, hope you’re well? Xx Was fun seeing you at the*”. Lucy covered up the name of the pub where she had her night out.

In response to the message, Lucy replied: “Who is this”. To this, the bar worker replied: “Tom”. Still clueless, Lucy said: “I actually don’t know who you are.”

Tom then sent a photo of himself to Lucy and added: “I was working the night you came in, you’re gorgeous x.”

However, Tom didn’t get the response he had been hoping for and Lucy was left horrified. She asked: “How did you get my number?”

Credit: Lucy Dixon

The bar worker then said that he found her number by searching her up on Instagram, but Lucy knew this couldn’t be true as she didn’t have this included in her contact information.

She hit back, responding: “My number isn’t on Insta.”

Knowing his lie had been uncovered, Tom said: “Sorry if not. If you want me to leave it’s fine.”

Yet he persisted despite what he had said and continued the conversation. Lucy then received a message from him in which asked: “Where abouts you from?”

Credit: Lucy Dixon

By this point, Lucy had realised how he had found out her number and said: “Have you taken my number from when I ordered drinks through the app last night?”

Tom then said: “Maybe. But if you want me to leave it is fine. And sorry if so. I’m guessing so.”

Furious, she responded: “You know that’s against the law?”

At this point, Tom became sheepish and added: “As I said I’m sorry so I’ll leave it.”

Credit: Lucy Dixon

Social media users were left shocked by Lucy’s post and couldn’t believe the bar worker had exploited the Track and Trace app in this way. Many vented their frustration on how the system was being so easily abused.

One commented: “I’d be straight telling the bar that you went to. What the hell. He’s even sent a photo, how incriminating.”

Meanwhile, another said: “A database is only as secure as those administering it are. In this case, not at all.”

A third wrote: “I hope you reported him for that, it’s utterly disgusting.”

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