Mom Loses Her Arms And Legs After Giving Birth

A mom who lost her arms and legs after giving birth has spoken out in an emotional statement.
Credit: @beauandbrie/Instagram

A mom who lost her arms and legs after giving birth has spoken out in an emotional statement.

Brie Morgan Bauer, 35, from Kansas City, USA, faced a harrowing ordeal during childbirth.

After hearing her traumatic true story, people have taken to social media and sent her well wishes.

One person pens: “So heartbreaking, poor young mom. Hope this mother gets all the support from everyone. Very heartfelt.”

A second adds: “This is horrendous for this young mom and so brave. I do hope you and your family get all the help needed. God bless you.”

Somebody else shares: “Carrying pregnancies and going through childbirth is dangerous; this illustrates that perfectly. A wholly worthwhile endeavor to those of us inclined but nevertheless a life and death tightrope. I hope she and her family have wonderful lives going forward.”

Brie and Reid Bauer
Brie Morgan Bauer has spoken out after becoming a quadruple amputee. Credit: GoFundMe

Brie was rushed to the hospital on February 17, experiencing symptoms akin to flu for several days.

Doctors swiftly decided on an emergency C-section at only 27 weeks to save both her and her infant.

It resulted in the miraculous survival of her baby, Beau, born at just 2lb 8oz, while she became a quadruple amputee.

During the procedure, Brie’s condition rapidly deteriorated due to excessive blood loss.

Brie, Reid and Beau Bauer
Brie Morgan Bauer developed streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, which plunged her into a coma. Credit: GoFundMe

Complications arose as Brie developed streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, plunging her into a coma.

“Risk factors for toxic shock syndrome include skin wounds, surgery, and the use of tampons and other devices, such as menstrual cups, contraceptive sponges or diaphragms,” per the Mayo Clinic.

The family’s GoFundMe page chronicled their journey, garnering a substantial following on social media.

It read: “Following delivery, the medical team struggled to get oxygen to her fluid-filled lungs and to stop her bleeding. Brie began to suffer from organ failure.

“As a result, the doctors placed her in a medically induced coma while they searched for the root cause of her condition. They advised the family that she was unlikely to make it through the night.”

Despite the grim prognosis from doctors, Brie fought on.

Brie and Beau Bauer
Brie Morgan Bauer faced a harrowing ordeal during childbirth. Credit: GoFundMe

The fundraiser continued: “At this point, Brie was still in a coma and the family couldn’t be sure that she hadn’t suffered a brain injury. In order to better assess the state of things, the family requested that her paralytic medication be lowered.

“An hour after the medications were reduced, Brie’s eyelids began to flicker. Reid went to her side, ‘Brie, it’s Reid. The baby is safe, he’s beautiful and looks like you.’ She opened her eyes. It was clear Brie was still ready to fight.”

The infection necessitated an emergency hysterectomy, and over subsequent weeks, Brie underwent numerous surgeries, ultimately losing all four limbs.

“In the following weeks and months, Brie would go on to have countless surgeries to repair her abdomen and remove dead (necrotic) tissue that was caused by the sepsis,” the GoFundMe described.

“She battled infections, and setbacks and endured amputations to all four limbs: Her right arm, just above the elbow. Her left arm, just below the elbow. Her right leg, which is at hip level. And her left leg, just above the knee.”

In mid-May, Beau was discharged from the hospital without complications. She has transitioned to rehab, where she grapples with the physical and emotional toll of adjusting to life post-amputations.

Brie Bauer
Brie Morgan Bauer ultimately lost all four limbs. Credit: GoFundMe

Brie perseveres through rehabilitation, both mentally and physically, thanks to the support of her husband and their dedicated family.

Recent updates show the mom navigating life outside the hospital in a motorized wheelchair, a testament to her resilience.

Brie herself has shared updates via Instagram, with one reading: “As a clinical research nurse I was involved in a study testing how to improve quality of life. Working with participants, I recognized a trend in those who weren’t able to adjust to changing circumstances.

“I’ve always believed that in order to live a fulfilling life, you need to adapt appropriately to what comes your way. You have to be able to recognize where you came from, and what you’ve been through and make a decision not to let it defy you. In all honesty, I haven’t adapted to my circumstances yet, but I will in my own time.”

Brie Bauer
Updates on Brie Morgan Bauer have been provided through GoFundMe, where her family has received an outpouring of donations. Credit: GoFundMe

Brie’s GoFundMe offered another heartening update: “In the past week, Brie has showered (the first in months), navigated her power chair and ventured outside when she wants fresh air. She will continue dialysis 1-2 times a week, as well as daily physical and occupational therapy – the latter forces her to move her body in ways she hasn’t in a long time, but also helps her practice things that will give her independence at home.”

Meanwhile, her son thrives under the care of his father and grandparents.

The fundraiser continued: “Beau is busy doing regular baby things. He’s been home for a couple of weeks now, but still gets to visit Brie in rehab often. We’ve had questions about who cares for Beau and, like all of this journey, it takes a village.

“Beau is with Reid almost always, but the grandparents also help, along with a night nurse a few times a week. We’re grateful to have a tight-knit family that works together to keep everything moving.”

The family’s GoFundMe has received an outpouring of support, raising over $360,000. It aims to alleviate medical expenses and cover prosthetics, home modifications, and other essential needs.

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