People Are Convinced They Have ‘Evidence’ One Of The Biggest Events In Human History Was Staged

People are convinced they have 'evidence' that the moon landing of 1969 was staged.
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People are convinced they have ‘evidence’ that one of the biggest events in human history was staged.

The famed ‘moon landings’ are the historic missions in which astronauts from the Apollo program, notably Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, successfully landed on the moon’s surface in 1969.

This groundbreaking achievement, driven by scientific purpose, involved meticulous planning, and immense technological advancements and represented a significant milestone in human space exploration.

However, although over 400,000 individuals contributed to the historic event, there are still people who adamantly believe they possess evidence proving the moon landing was a fabrication.

Watch as Buzz Aldrin seemingly admits that he ‘didn’t go’ to the moon…

The conspiracy theory surrounding the first moon landing in 1969 continues to captivate conspiracy theorists, making many people extremely sceptical about whether it happened.

The origin of these theories can be traced back to Bill Kaysing, a former employee of Rocketdyne, one of the companies involved in designing the Saturn V rocket engines.

In 1976, Kaysing self-published a pamphlet titled ‘We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle’, which presented what sceptics deem as ‘evidence’ supporting the moon landing hoax.

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The Guardian says the brochure contained little more than ‘questionable photocopies’ and ‘implausible theories’, but Kaysing’s assertions gained traction and solidified over time among conspiracy theorists.

Recently, a discussion on Reddit delved into the idea of staged world events, with one user suggesting that although the moon landings were genuine, they were ‘staged’ in a specific manner due to the multitude of cameras present.

According to this viewpoint, the mission was orchestrated as a media production, potentially overshadowing its scientific purpose.

Moon landing, 1969.
People are convinced they have ‘evidence’ that the moon landing of 1969 was staged. Credit: NASA

They wrote: “I believe the moon landing was real, but they went out of their way to pack as many TV cameras on the mission as possible, so in the most literal sense it was staged as a media production almost more so than a scientific mission.”

Another commenter chimed in, asserting that the primary motivation behind the record-breaking mission was commercial rather than scientific.

They wrote: “Science was an afterthought.

“It was not a secret that the US was doing it to beat the Russians.

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“It was a commercial for how badass America was. Later on, NASA used science to keep their budget.”

However, opposing voices emerged, stressing the meticulous scientific planning involved in every aspect of the moon landing.

One person said: “Dude, they literally started from zero and ended with two human beings standing on another celestial body. I’m pretty certain science was the primary thought.”

Another added: “The science was getting humans and all that gear to the moon… and back home!”

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