Most Prolific Rapist In UK History With Nearly 200 Victims Is Jailed For Life

The most prolific rapist in UK history, who has nearly 200 victims, has been sentenced to life in jail. 

Reynhard Sinaga, who is thought to be Britain’s most prolific rapist, has been jailed for life after he has been convicted of offences against 48 men.

The 36-year-old was found guilty of luring men outside Manchester clubs back to his flat, where he would then film himself sexually violating them whilst they were unconscious.

Sinaga, who must serve at least 30 years in jail, has been linked by police to more than 190 potential victims.

The court heard how Sinaga would head out in the early hours of the morning and look for vulnerable and drunk men who were alone around nightclubs near his flat.

As a slight-built Indonesian student, Sinaga would pose as a Good Samaritan and would offer men a place to have some sleep and a drink, the court heard.

Many men found his small build unthreatening and thanked him for his kindness when he would offer them a place to stay.

Sinaga would pose as a Good Samaritan to lure men to his flat.

One victim said: “I will never forget the day the police came to see me, I did not know why they needed to see me but I can say I was absolutely devastated to hear that I had been a victim of rape, after being drugged and this sexual act was filmed by a man, I now know to be Sinaga.”

Another added: “I could recall the events of the evening the police were talking about but had no memory of any offences committed against me due to a complete lack of memory.”

Sinaga would often take the victims’ belongings as ‘trophies’.

After the traumatising attacks, he would send them several chilling messages.

The flat where Sinaga brought his victims.

His youngest victim was 17 and the oldest 36, but 45 of the 48 identified victims were confirmed as straight men.

Detectives had managed to identify so many victims because Sinaga would go on social media and look at his victims after the attack. He would boast to friends of his sexual encounters but insist they had been consensual.

Apparently, he only used a condom once but miraculously tested negative for HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

For two and a half years, not a week would go by when Sinaga wouldn’t carry out a fresh attack. Sometimes, he would rape two different victims within the same weekend.

Sinaga’s technique had become so successful that on one occasion, he picked up a victim after just leaving his flat for 60 seconds.

Judge Suzanne Goddard QC described him as an “evil serial sexual predator” who had preyed on young men who were simply out having a good time with their friends.

Ms Goddard said: “One of your victims described you as a monster. The scale and enormity 0f your offending confirm this as an accurate description.”

His victims – who were mostly heterosexual – had little to no memory of the assaults and would leave the flat being unaware that they had been violated. Yet they had all been filmed on Sinaga’s mobile phone.

Sinaga’s crimes were discovered after one of his victims regained consciousness and fought him off, before then heading to the police with Sinaga’s phone.

The UK’s largest ever rape prosecution has been made public after reporting restrictions were lifted at the end of the case.

Ms Goddard stated to the court that the total number of potential victims was 190.

Sinaga’s defence claimed that the men had consented to play a sex game in which they would pretend to be dead, but prosecutor Iain Simkin labelled this “preposterous” as victims were shown snoring in the footage from Sinaga’s phone.

In total, he was found guilty of 159 offences between January 2015 and May 2017 – this involved 136 counts of rape, 13 counts of sexual assault, eight counts of attempted rape and two counts of assault by penetration.

During his hearing, Sinaga was reported to show little reaction to the victims’ distressing testimonies and appeared bored, fiddling with his hair and yawning.

Sinaga’s friends claim that he loved to take selfies.

A woman who claimed to know him in 2013 – before the attacks – said he thought of himself “as a bit of a Peter Pan” because he looked and often acted much younger than his age, reports the Guardian.

She also added that he was “narcissistic and somewhat naive to everything”.

Sinaga lived in Manchester city centre for over a decade whilst participating in various university courses.

He had a small group of friends, who all claim he was friendly and good-natured, but that he would switch between groups.

They also claimed that he loved to take selfies and would regularly post them online, the final snap was taken in July 2017 – the day before he was arrested – in which he used a filter that gave him pink ears.

Sinaga was raised by a relatively rich family in the Jambi province of Indonesia.

He arrived in the UK in 2007 via a student visa, which was financed by his parents.

He graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 with an MSc degree in Planning and an MA degree in 2011 in Sociology.

It has been confirmed by officials that no concerns were raised whatsoever during his time as a student at university.

In 2012, he started at the University of Leeds, which meant he would commute from his home in Manchester, as a part of his PhD studies.

Sinaga arrived in the UK in 2007 through a student visa. Credit: Sky News

Sinaga would regularly attend supervision meetings where he would receive help with his thesis entitled ‘Sexuality and everyday transnationalism. South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester’.

According to the university, they said he did not spend much time in the city, other than attending his supervision meetings, as he didn’t take part in any research groups or societies.

Greater Manchester Police have stated that there is no connection between his university research and the crimes he committed.

Sinaga’s mother and sister were referenced at the court hearing, where everyone heard how Sinaga’s family were unaware of the “cold, cunning and calculating rapist”.

The judge said: “It is almost beyond belief that someone who could profess some Christian faith could at the same time have been committing such wicked and evil crimes.”

Greater Manchester Police has urged anyone who has any information or believes they known Sinaga to come forward.

Mabs Hussian, Assistant Chief Constable, has said that the police have specialist officers available for the case and they are in cooperation with a specialist support service that helps victims of sexual abuse.

Mr Hussain said: “At the forefront of this investigation and our primary objective throughout has been to provide support to the victims and I would encourage them to come forward. We have the specialist services to provide that support.

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