‘Mother/Android’ Leaves Netflix Viewers ‘Sobbing Uncontrollably’

Mother/Android has left Netflix viewers 'destroyed' and 'sobbing uncontrollably'. 
Credit: Netflix

Mother/Android has left Netflix viewers ‘destroyed’ and ‘sobbing uncontrollably’. 

The movie, starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Algee Smith, follows a couple called Georgia Olsen and Sam Hoth, who are on the run from thousands of evil robots that have turned on their owners. 

Its official synopsis reads: “In a post-apocalyptic world rocketed by a violent android uprising, a young pregnant woman and her boyfriend desperately search for safety.”

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Viewers have taken to Twitter and expressed how emotional they felt after watching it.

One fan penned: “Mother/Android – WHAT THE HELL? This movie destroyed me… Still crying.”

Another added: “Wow Chloë Grace Moretz’s performance in Mother/Android on Netflix is incredible! I did not expect to get that emotional!”

Mother/Android, f*** the critics,” commented a third viewer. “The movie is so great. Georgia narrating that letter she wrote to her son broke my heart I loved it.”

A fourth wrote: “When I heard what this movie was about, I was PUMPED to see a kickass movie about surviving amongst killer bots… and not sob uncontrollably… damn.”

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However, others weren’t as impressed and took to the platform and blasted the film’s ending, writing: “I think I’ve seen this film before and I didn’t like the ending.”

“This Mother/Android film is useless and sad for no reason,” a second mused. 

A third penned: “Mother/Android is another movie that shows us why we shouldn’t be messing with alternative Iife.

“Decent movie, but I wish there was a bit more of a background as to why it all went down. Still a worthwhile watch if you’re a sucker for the post-apocalyptic world like myself.”

Teasing the release on Twitter, the film’s director, Mattson Tomlin, commented: “My directorial debut Mother/Android is finally available on Netflix outside of the US!

“Making movies is insane and I am extremely thankful and proud that I got to make such a personal first film.” 

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