Mrs Hinch ‘Doesn’t Know What To Do’ About ‘Vile’ Trolls After Police Told Her It ‘Isn’t Harassment’

Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, has revealed she ‘doesn’t know what to do’ about ‘vile’ trolls after police told her it ‘isn’t harassment’.  

The social media influencer, from Essex, did a Q&A in her Instagram stories where she responded to a fan who asked how she handles online bullying.

She admitted that she struggles to handle the ‘cruel’ comments she receives.

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She said: “I’m at the stage now where I don’t know what to do about the hate and trolls.

“I wish I had the answers for you.”

The cleaning guru was then told by one of her followers that the messages should be ‘dealt with by the police’.

But the mum-of-one says she’s tried this before and it hasn’t made any difference.

Hinch explained: “I have had the police involved on a couple of occasions. But I’ve been told this is not harassment. This is not a hate crime.

“I’m hoping one day the law will change.”

In her bestselling memoir ‘This Is Me, Sophie,’ she opened up about the dark side to fame, and revealed she now relies on antidepressants.

She wrote: “These people have almost destroyed me and the fact that I am on medication for depression and anxiety for the first time in my life is largely down to what they have put me through.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mrshinchhome

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