Mum Slammed After Banning Son From Playing With Best Friend Because He Has Two Dads

A mum has been slammed after it’s been revealed that she banned her son from playing with his best friend because he has two dads. 
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A mum has been slammed for banning her son from playing with his best friend because he has two dads. 

The unnamed woman has become the subject of a Reddit thread penned by one of the fathers.

It reads: “The problem was when my husband got back from his deployment. He was the one to pick my son and his friend up from school that day – my son insisted because he wanted to show off his other dad the marine.

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The mum said she didn’t want the ‘ideology’ being pushed on her son from the two dads. Credit: Unsplash

“My husband was also the one who answered the door when (friend’s) mother arrived. She was perfectly cordial, and then left with (friend) in tow.

“The next Monday my son comes home looking forlorn, and when I ask him what’s wrong he tells me (friend’s) mother doesn’t want (friend) to play with my son anymore.

“I ask her what the issue is and she says that she ‘doesn’t want her son to get the idea that our lifestyle is an acceptable one’, and that she ‘doesn’t want him to get confused with homosexual ideology’.

‘Lo and behold, a couple days later (friend) comes up to me and asks me why she doesn’t want him to play with my son, and I tell him ‘your mom doesn’t like the fact that me and Curtis’s [not real name] other dad are two men who are married and in love’.

“He asks why that is, and I say ‘because she’s prejudiced’.”

When the mum heard what had been said, she then accused the man of brainwashing her son with his ‘ideology’.

But after sharing the story online, the man has received plenty of support from other Reddit users, who said he has done the right thing.

One wrote: “You told the truth. I feel bad for that poor kid though, hopefully, you gave him a fighting chance to learn not to be a homophobe one day.”

Another added: “She’s planting the seed of homophobia in her child’s mind and you called her out on it. Good for you.”

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