Mum Claims She Was ‘Banned From Son’s School’ After Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Top

A mum has claimed she was 'banned from her son's school' after wearing an 'inappropriate' crop top. 
Credit: @isacastrom/Instagram

A mum has claimed she was ‘banned from her son’s school’ after wearing an ‘inappropriate’ top. 

Isabel Castro, from Soledad, Columbia, was on her way to attend a meeting when she was confronted by a member of staff over her sweetheart neckline.

The mum-of-three told the Daily Star that the employee said to her: “You can’t come like that.”

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The mum claimed she was ‘banned from her son’s school’ after wearing an ‘inappropriate’ crop top to a meeting. Credit: @isacastrom/Instagram

To make it even more humiliating, they reportedly added: “Read the rule book.”

Discussing the incident with the publication, Castro said: “I left home and looking at myself in the mirror [I] thought I was well-dressed.

“I was wearing jeans and a blouse which is quite low-cut but far from vulgar.”

Reflecting on the experience, the mum also said she doesn’t understand why she has to be ‘covered up’ just because she has children.

She continued: “It was an extreme reaction.

“I feel discriminated against because nobody has the right to point at, judge or criticise another person.

“I felt well-dressed, the fact I have three kids doesn’t mean I have to walk around covered up, nor consider myself ugly and dour without expressing my happiness.

“I’ve always felt pretty.”

Castro’s husband, Cristian Caviedes, has also blasted the school for creating ‘harassment’ towards women.

He said: “Think about all the women suffering this sort of harassment at the moment, for example in Afghanistan.

“And then you wonder how this school official wants people to dress.”

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