Mum Boasts About Coronavirus Stockpiling With Giant Haul Including 800 Nappies And 60 Pints Of Milk

A mum-of-seven has been proudly boasting about her coronavirus stockpiling that includes 800 nappies, 4,000 wipes and 60 pints of milk.  

Tess Giddings is no longer worried about running out of food if she has no choice but to self-isolate with her family due to coronavirus – as she’s been preparing up a stockpile for NINE MONTHS.

The former cleaning business worker already has 800 nappies, 500 washing machine tablets and 60 cartons of milk in her giant haul.

Astoundingly, the 31-year-old’s hoard has only cost her £300, despite including both cleaning and food products. She credits her huge savings on smart use of her vouchers and discount codes.

Speaking to The Sun, Tess is thankful she has planned so far ahead after hearing that the coronavirus has officially been confirmed as a pandemic.

Instagram: @thegiddingstribe

Since finding out the news, the mum from Bournemouth, Dorset, has been stockpiling on essential products for her family and now claims she has at least a months worth of products.

At this moment in time, she told The Sun that she has at least 60 long-life milk cartons, over 4,000 wipes, 800 nappies, 12 bags of family size pasta, dozens of jars of pasta sauce, supersize bags of crisps, Monster Munches and dried fruit snacks.

She also has dozens of tins of baked beans, tinned fruit, eight bottles of tomato sauce and at least 40 cartons of long-life juice.

As well as stocking up on food, she’s also bought 12 toilet cleaners, 500 washing machine tablets, ten bottles of washing up liquid, 12 bottles of disinfectant spray, 12 bottles of shampoo, toilet roll, kitchen towel and soap. She’s even bought 40 emergency toothbrushes.

Instead of panic buying, she thought it would make more sense to slowly shop around for the best value products so that if it came to and her family had to isolate, she would be able to provide everyone with basic meals.

However, she claims it took hours of pouring over online sources for the prices at supermarkets and made a thorough list of what to get and where from. She then made sure to use all her discount vouchers, coupons, Clubcard points and two-for-one deals.

With discounted items, the mum doubled and trebled on quantity and stocked them up in her bunker.

Instagram: @thegiddingstribe

To make sure the giant haul doesn’t go faster than planned, Tess has stuck to a menu plan which means nothing runs out before schedule.

She has even been making her own pasta sauces by storing them in the freezer and then bulk buying mince and chicken to then freeze or batch cook.

Although she’s shared photos of her bulging trolley, she insists that she never panic shops as she’s been doing it slowly over a period of time.

She has plenty of storage thanks to the cupboard underneath her stairs and she’s also been filling up the garage too.

To make it as functioning as possible, Tess has been making sure that everything is neatly displayed and sensibly organised. This way, she knows she always has at least a months supply of flour, dried fruit and nuts, cake mixes, frozen vegetables and canned vegetables.

To make her stockpile, Tess estimates that she has spent around £300 and each week, she spends £130 on shopping to keep herself, her husband Chris, 40, an engineer and the seven children going.

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