Mum Cuts Off Her Daughter’s Hair ‘Out Of Spite’ After Dad Styled It Without Her Permission

Footage has emerged of a mum cutting her daughter’s hair ‘out of spite’ after the dad reportedly styled it without her permission. 

An Alabama mum has been slammed for her parenting as a video has emerged of her cutting off her daughter’s braids and beads, as the dad did it without asking her if it was okay.

In the video, the mum can be heard yelling in rage at the decision to get the girl’s hair braided by someone without her permission.

She is heard yelling: “I don’t care! I told you stop playin’ with me! I don’t care, I do my own daughter hair.”

According to MadameNoire, the girl’s dad had decided to take her and her siblings on a surprise trip to get their hair done as he wanted to spend some time with them.

However, when the mum saw her daughter’s hair it sent her into a fiery rage.

Credit: YouTube

The dad then took to Facebook to slam the mum. He wrote: ‘I snuck up on my kids at daycare cause dey momma Jayla don’t let me see dem and I took my boys to get dey hair cut an got my baby girl hair did look wat her momma do just cause I got my baby hair did.

‘I’m Gucci but my baby hurt but females talk about dead beats dis why sum [N-words] say f*ck dat sh*t and I remind u she also smashed her bday cake on her bday last year.’

Many took to the comments to the slam the mum for her actions.

One person commented: “This is so sad and evil. She really cut this baby hair out of spite.”

Another said that no matter how much they despised their child’s father, they’d never resort to upsetting their own children.

Despite facing a ton of criticism, the mum is apparently standing by her actions and took to Instagram to share her side of the story.

She explained that although she liked the style, she thought it was far too tight.

She said: “It was too tight.

“My baby hair, her skin meat was puffing up between the braids and everything. It was pretty, but it was too tight, and I don’t even braid her hair that tight.”

In a following Facebook post, the mum slated the girl’s dad and reiterated that no one should be allowed to touch their daughter’s hair except her unless given permission.

Many then said that although they agreed with her reason, she responded to the situation irrationally and upset her daughter as a consequence.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.