Mum Discovers Kid Has Ordered Extreme Fart Extension Pack For Amazon Alexa

Imagine walking around your house and continuously hearing a loud fart bouncing off the walls, you’d think you were going bonkers wouldn’t you? Well, this is how one mum found out that her son had ordered an extreme fart extension pack for the Amazon Alexa. 

Emily Watson was just going about her house as normal one day when she began to hear a noise that sounded a lot like a fart, and it was echoing around the house. She didn’t understand, who in her household had begun to suffer extreme flatulence issues all day, every day?

Amazingly, it turned out it was the Amazon Alexa in her house that was the guilty culprit. Yet the device wasn’t to blame for its new feature, as she soon discovered that her young son had accidentally ordered the extension and she’d even been charged for it too.

The young mum decided to share the screenshots of her conversation with an Amazon customer service rep, as she eventually saw the funny side.

She captioned the post: “For the last three days, all the Alexa’s in the house have been farting. Turns out, I actually paid for this to be happening. Anyone want two kids?”

Alongside this caption was a photo of the conversation. After a quick and polite hello, the rep wrote: “I understand your child has accidentally placed an order and you wish to cancel the order with refund. I will help you.”

Emily responded: “Great, thank you.”

To clarify, the rep replied: “Just to confirm, are you referring to The Extreme Farts Extension Pack?”

The mum had no choice but to reply: “Yes, that’s the one.”

Credit: Emily Watson

It wasn’t long before Emily’s post went viral and it soon amassed over 10,000 reactions, 10,000 comments and was shared over 25,000 times.

Amazon Alexa is definitely a versatile home device. As well as helping you to wake up with an alarm and helping you to switch lights off, it can also provide your household with plenty of information and humorous moments such as this.

Actually, the Extreme Farts Expansion Pack isn’t the only fart add on available for your Alexa device. For example, there’s also the 4AFART, which is described as: “With random farts of varying levels of repugnance, there’s never a dull moment! You’ll be provided with hours of entertainment and education for the whole family.”

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