Mum Claims Her Eggplant Steak Will Turn Meat-Eaters Vegan

Credit: @texykitchen1/TikTok

A mum has claimed that her eggplant steak recipe is so good, it will turn meat-eaters vegan. 

Graca Walters took to TikTok to show her followers how she makes the meat-free dish that she says she would charge ‘charge $99.53’ for at a restaurant. 

She captioned the post: “Real steak or eggplant steak?”

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The mum has promised meat-eaters that her eggplant steak will turn them vegan. Credit: @texykitchen1/TikTok

In the videoGraca chops the fruit up into steak-sized slices and then pats it dry. To season it, she simply adds salt. Next, she covers it up with a cloth for an hour. 

Once the hour has passed, the mum says the eggplant simply needs to be cooked until it is nice and brown. 

The ‘steak’ is then plated up and Graca suggests adding a drop of lemon juice and coriander.

The mum has promised her followers that the ‘flavours are out of this world’ and ‘you’re never going to eat real meat after this transformation’.

So far, the clip has received a whopping 145,000 likes and many have taken to the comments to share their thoughts on the plant-based alternative.

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“Soon you’re not gonna have a husband if you keep serving him that dish,” one person remarked.

Another viewer added: “Ma’am that’s burnt eggplant not steak.”

A third joked: “I tried this recipe yesterday and it was really good. Except that I didn’t have eggplants so I used steaks instead.”

Unfortunately for Graca, not even fellow vegans could say the meal looked appetising.

One viewer questioned: “I’m a vegan but… is that a joke or is it serious? I can’t tell because WHAT?!”

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