Mum Divides Opinion By Feeding 6-Month-Old Baby ‘Bleeding Steak’

A mum has divided opinion by feeding her six-month-old baby a 'bleeding steak'. 
Credit: @mrskatieharley/TikTok

A mum has divided opinion after feeding her six-month-old baby a ‘bleeding steak’. 

Katie Harley took to TikTok and shared a clip of her baby girl sitting in a high chair and trying the meat.

She captioned the post: “She was a big fan.”

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Mum feeds baby steak: TikToker divides opinion by feeding her baby 'undercooked' meat, leading to criticism on social media.
The mum defended feeding her baby a ‘bleeding steak’. Credit: @mrskatieharley/TikTok

Over in the video, she added: “Eliza tries steak.”

The post has now been viewed over 200,000 thousands times and many people have taken to the comments to debate whether babies should be eating a ‘bleeding steak’.

One wrote: “Baby cannot digest meat that’s undercooked.”

Another added: “Please cook it well for the baby when she grows up she can decide how raw she likes it.”

A third follower, who claimed to be a chef, remarked: “Hi chef here. That meat is undercooked, only the outer is slightly cooked, it’s a rare steak. Cooked is when there is no blood in the meat.”

However, others rushed to the mum’s defence and said it was fine for her to feed her baby the meat.

“There’s no blood in steak, it’s the ‘juices’ which are made out of a protein. She’s not eating raw steak it’s cooked,” one TikToker commented. “Babies can eat whatever as long as paediatrician and mummy are in sync and in agreement. Y’all need to mind your business and unless you’re a paediatrician, be quiet.”

Following the post’s reaction, the mum shared a follow-up clip in which she said steak is ‘very good’ for infants.

She explained: “Steak is very high in iron which is something tons of babies are deficient in. It’s very good for them!

“She can have rare steak – we’ve researched and discussed it with our paediatrician. If I’m comfortable eating it – I’m comfortable giving it to her.”

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