Mum Furious After Son’s New Girlfriend Leaves Her Red Hair Dye In Bathroom As It Looks Like A ‘Murder Scene’

A mum was left furious after she went into the bathroom and discovered what looked like a ‘murder scene’. It turned out that her son’s new girlfriend had dyed her hair red in the bathroom but had not bothered to clean it up. 

As the mum has her own en-suite bathroom, she rarely checked the main bathroom in her home but when she did she got the shock of her life. It looked like someone had been murdered in the bathroom as there were horrific stains all over the tap and sink.

Shocked by what she saw and by the lack of cleanliness – as it had been left for two days – the mum took to the Facebook group Home Cleaning Tips And Tricks and shared the images, which initially look quite gruesome.

Credit: Facebook

The mum captioned the post: “So yes I’m a clean freak my son’s new girlfriend coloured her hair and left this on the sink for 2 days before I noticed.”

She then confirmed that she had given her son’s new girlfriend a piece of mind, adding: “Sorry but I let her know how I felt about it.

“I am going to make her clean it and it better come out.”

As the mum faced questions as to why it took her so long to spot, she commented: “I have my own bathroom I rarely go in the other one.”

Quickly, the post racked up comments as people either thought it was absolutely hilarious or were as equally outraged, as the young girl had not been polite leaving behind such a mess.

Some people were that appalled by her behaviour, they even suggested the mum ban her from the house, whilst others said her son should have cleaned it up.

One person commented on the state of the bathroom: “Looks a bit murder.”

Whilst another added: “That shade must be called ‘Murder Red’.”

A third agreed, saying: “Oh my gosh I actually thought this was blood…

“Why on Earth would she not clean this up!!! Hope u get it cleaned.”

Meanwhile, one horrified person wrote: “That’s disgusting and so disrespectful! I’m not a clean freak but would never leave that in my house let alone someone else’s.

“I would literally not allow her to do any sort of beauty treatments in my house if that’s what she’s like.”

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