Mum ‘Ruins’ Pregnant Daughter’s Gender Reveal Party With Prank

A mum apparently 'ruined' her pregnant daughter's gender reveal by playing a prank on her. 
Credit: @dinkymisspretty/TikTok

A mum apparently ‘ruined’ her pregnant daughter’s gender reveal party by playing a prank on her. 

Ashlee Cashlee recently took to TikTok and posted footage from the celebrations, alongside the caption: “Gender reveal fail.”

In the clip, which has garnered over half a million views, she wrote: “Watch my mum ruin my gender reveal party. Team boy or team girl? Obviously, I was team girl. “

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The pregnant woman took to social media to tell her followers about the cruel prank her mum played on her at her gender reveal party. Credit: @dinkymisspretty/TikTok

The video then shows her pop a balloon and an array of pink feathers come out, which should imply that she’s having a girl. 

Cashlee continued: “Clearly you can see I wanted a girl so bad, and in that moment it felt like I had hit the lottery. 

“Then here comes my son making me realise it was another boy, I was p***ed.” 

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One commented: “Healthy baby is [a] priority and above all but I understand you already had a boy and wanted a girl. I hope it’s a healthy baby boy!”

Other followers assured her what her mum had done was ‘cruel’.

“That is really cruel,” a TikToker responded. “In what universe would anyone think that was funny to do? I’m sorry she did that to you. From one boy mum to another.”

Another added: “I would be so mad I wouldn’t even let her meet her grandson, she humiliated you and ruined such a special moment.”

A third chimed in: “That’s honestly really disrespectful to your feelings. So sorry. But boy mama congrats.”

Later on, Cashlee took to the comments and said: “Right I wasn’t mad it was a boy, I was mad they had me think it was a girl.” 

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Written by Aimee Walker

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