Mum Horrified To Discover X-Rated Addition To Her Daughter’s Toy Horse

A mum was left horrified after she took a look at her daughter’s toy horse and realised there was an X-rated addition to the playset. 

As reported by Kidspot, an Australian mum took to the Facebook group Kmart Hacks and Decor where she shared that she had purchased her little girl a Dream Winter Palace set from the store, yet she was shocked to find that there was a rude feature on the toy horse once she had unpacked it.

Although not immediately noticeable, the mum pointed out there was a somewhat phallic feature on top of the horse’s head.

Credit: Facebook

She wrote: “Mmmkay, Kmart, subliminal messages or the guys at the castle making factory were high AF!”

Other members of the group were equally outraged by the toy’s phallic member as everyone agreed it certainly looked inappropriate for a children’s toy.

One person piped in: “Yeah, that just looks wrong, oh dear!

“My son calls unicorns ‘hornycorns’, perhaps he’s onto something.”

Whilst another simply wrote: “What a d***head.”

Credit: Facebook

However, some people in the group tried to clarify that it was not meant to be a unicorn but rather a horse with a feather – or plume as it is also called – on top of its head.

Despite this, some were quick to slam that idea. One said: “IN WHAT WORLD DOES THAT LOOK LIKE A F***ING FEATHER?!”

Another agreed, commenting: “That’s the most penis-looking feather I’ve ever seen.”

After watching the debate progress, the original poster of the horse toy image thanked everyone for their views and clarification.

She added: “Please excuse my confusion… I had so many people point out that it is not, in fact, a unicorn but a horse with a feather, like alright, let’s correct me on that part… but never mind that huge oddly-shaped feather! That’s SO normal, Holy S***!!”

In other news, a mum was horrified to discover that her daughter’s Frozen 2 diary had a page dedicated to ‘sex toys’.

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