Mum Is Left Horrified After Toddler Covers Herself And Furniture In Permanent Eyebrow Tint Gel

A mum was left horrified after she discovered that her little girl had covered herself, the carpet and the furniture in permanent eyebrow tint gel and it has proved to be rather difficult to remove. 

Char Offley assumed that when her daughter was being quiet, that she was innocently playing with her toys and behaving well. However, she soon discovered a path of destruction as somehow, Ava had managed to get a hold of her Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel.

Immediately, the mum tried to resolve the situation by cleaning up. Adorably, her two-year-old daughter even tried her best to help her clean. Yet Char was left frustrated to find that it was proving difficult to scrub away.

Credit: Facebook

The mum took to the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips and shared the problem. She asked for help on how to remove the popular eyebrow gel that is water-resistant from her furniture.

She wrote: “Can someone please advise on how to get water-resistant eyebrow gel off of my carpet and armchair.

“Makeup remover not helping! I’ve got the majority off of my child but no hope for the carpet.”

The mum then added: “Don’t panic, I’m not mad at her I thought it was funny! just more annoyed that I’ve only just bought the stuff and it took 13 days to be delivered.”

Char then shared a series of photos of the mess, which showed that both her beige carpet and grey armchair had fallen victim to Ava’s mischievous antics.

Credit: Facebook

The mum spoke to The Sun and confirmed that in end, it just took a bottle of Elbow Grease. She said: “I’ve not managed to get it off the carpet yet, but I’ll try a bleach mixture later on when the girls are in bed as it’s a polypropylene carpet.

“It came off right away with elbow grease! But it didn’t touch the carpet! I also tried vanish foam but that didn’t work either!”

To remove the eyebrow gel from her daughter, Char used Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm and some fairy liquid but admitted: “It did take a while”.

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