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Mum Of Son With Down’s Syndrome Left Heartbroken When Only One Person Turns Up To His Birthday Party

Believing that she was going to create a wonderful and fun memory for her son with Down’s syndrome, a mum thought it would be a great idea to have a surprise birthday party for him. Yet heartbreakingly, only one person turned up and in response, she shared a tearful video. 

A mum from the US was left devastated after organising a surprise birthday party for her son’s fifth birthday when she realised that only one friend had turned up.

With tears streaming down her face, the mum said in a TikTok post: “This weekend we had a drive-by party for my son who turned five.

“Do you want to know how many people came?


“Normally this would be bad for any kids, but my son has Down’s syndrome.

“My son has Down’s syndrome and when he didn’t realise what was going on that hurt. But what happens when he knows?

“What happens when he knows that he’s being purposely left out? Why?”

After sharing her heartbreak in the one minute clip, the mum cut the camera off.

@nosilla865The worst day. My heart is broken. Please raise your littles to be kind.

♬ original sound – nosilla865

The social media post has since gone viral and has received a whopping 7.5 million views, many parents who commented on the post said that they had undergone similar situations.

One parent who shared the video commented: “This is devastating for this poor mama. Be better parents y’all. This is not me or my child. I have a daughter with Ds [Down’s syndrome], but felt like more people needed to see her story.”

Another said: “My heart breaks for her and for him… my boys turn 5 this month and I… I get it. It is the scariest thing on Earth to think about your kid being hurt and not being able to fix it.”

A third wrote: “When will people understand? Our children are just like everyone else. They have one extra love chromosome. People might see it if they gave them a chance.”

Meanwhile, one mum said that the same thing had happened with her two children who have Down’s syndrome.

She said: “My two with DS (12 and 11) have never been invited to birthday parties other than their cousins and that’s an obligation. I know kids in their classes have had parties over the years. I get it. I cry a lot about it.”

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