Mum Says She Was Shamed For ‘Looking Too Nice’ During Trip To Playground With Son 

A mum has claimed she was shamed for 'looking too nice' during a trip to the playground with her son. 
Credit: @rosapicosa/TikTok

A mum has claimed she was shamed for ‘looking too nice’ during a trip to the playground with her son. 

Taking to TikTok, the woman, who is called Rosie, said the harsh comments came from a group of mums. 

She said: “Last year, my son and I were on our weekly excursion to the playground when we came across the ever-intimidating mum group.

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woman shamed too nice
The mum regularly posts videos of her glamorous appearance on TikTok. Credit: @rosapicosa/TikTok

“I had zero reasons to believe they were anything but harmless, but my high school survival instincts told me to keep my distance.”

Rosie then said her son walked straight up to the group of women, so she followed him. 

She continued: “I heard one of the mums say something I will never soon forget, ‘Oh, you look nice, I don’t like you’.”

Rosie claims the words ‘sent a quick jolt through her system while the other mums sniggered’ in the background at what had been said.

Although the post has racked up more than 500,000 views, the stay-at-home-mum didn’t elaborate on her outfit for the outing. 

After telling followers she initially wondered if she was ‘overdressed,’ the woman decided not to give herself a makeunder so others could feel more comfortable. 

She said: “I have discovered that deliberately getting myself ready in the morning helps me to mentally prepare for the day, and fills my mornings with purpose.” 

@rosapicosaI couldn’t begin to list all the positive change this has brought to my daily routine! ##getdressed ##SAHM ##momsoftiktok ##momtok ##cleantok♬ Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic

Followers were quick to heap praise on her, insisting the people who made the nasty remarks were ‘jealous’.

One said: “It was likely her lashing out at you because she found you intimidating. It was insecurity not you. you look fab.” 

Another added: “Insecure women love to tear other thriving women down. Say this with me: We will never dull our shine again to make anyone comfortable.”

A third agreed, saying: “Never water yourself down to make someone else feel comfortable.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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